How many mixtapes does Kevin Gates have?

What album is 2 phones by Kevin Gates?

How many mixtapes does Kevin Gates have?

seventeen mixtapes
American recording artist Kevin Gates has released three studio albums, three extended plays, seventeen mixtapes and thirty-four singles (including ten as a featured artist).

How many albums Kevin Gates have?

Islah2016I’m Him2019Only The Generals Part II2021Khaza2022Luca Brasi 22014By Any Means2014
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What album is 2 phones by Kevin Gates?

Islah2 Phones / AlbumIslah is the debut studio album by American rapper Kevin Gates. It was released on January 29, 2016, by Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records.
The album was supported by four official singles: “Kno One”, “Really Really”, “2 Phones” and “Time for That”. Wikipedia

What was Kevin Gates first song?

Kevin Gates first began rapping in 2007, when he began making music with fellow Louisiana natives such as Webbie and Lil Boosie. Gates first received attention with his 2008 single “Get in the Way” featuring Lil Boosie. Soon after, he and Boosie would be incarcerated in separate cases.

What is Dreka real name?

Shadreka Centuri HaynesDreka Gates / Full name

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Is Kevin Gates a billionaire?

Kevin Gates Net Worth: Kevin Gates is an American rapper and singer who has a net worth of $1 million….Kevin Gates Net Worth.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of Birth: Feb 5, 1986 (36 years old)

Is Kevin Gates a vegetarian?

Kevin Gates on Twitter: “I swear I’m vegan 😂 except 4 when I’m in Morocco 🇲🇦” / Twitter.

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What songs did Kevin Gates feature in?

Thinkin’ with My DickBig GangstaReally ReallyTime for ThatBad For MeCartel Swag
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