Are 2009 Mustangs good?

Are 2009 Mustangs good?

The 2009 Ford Mustang ranks high due to its stellar safety score, excellent handling and useful second-row seating.

How many does a Mustang seat?

four people
Most Mustang models seat four people, though the GT500 only seats two. Cloth upholstery comes standard. Synthetic or genuine leather upholstery, power-adjustable front seats, heated and ventilated front seats, Recaro front sport seats, and a heated steering wheel are available.

Can a Ford Mustang be a family car?

Yes, the Mustang is a fantastic and enjoyable car to drive but it very much surprised me by its family practicality and ease of use. Legroom is fantastic in the Mustang and with forward-facing child seats, my super-tall toddler had loads of legroom with my rather tall (186cm) husband sitting in front of her.

Are v6 Mustangs reliable?

The Ford Mustang enjoys above-average reliability, with some of its model years scoring better than others. RepairPal gave it a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0, ranking it 20th out of 24 for midsize cars in its category.

Is a Mustang a 2 seater of 4?

The Ford Mustang is a large enough vehicle to seat four passengers, but the two front seats are much more comfortable by far.

Do Mustang seats break in?

You do not need a “break-in” period to be comfortable. Your 100th ride will be equal to your 10,000th mile. Mustang seats are known for retaining their shape and support after years of use.

Can you fit kids in back of Mustang?

seats were a little awkward to get into the backseat, but both seats attached safely. there was just enough room to get both forward-facing convertible seats to fit next to each other, and the seat bottom bolstering just barely accommodated the child-seat bases.

Can you have babies in a Mustang?

The 2018 Mustang GT can do 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds and also solidly fit two car seats in its second row. A review from gave B grades for infant car seats, rear-facing convertible seats, and forward-facing convertible seats.

Are Mustangs safe for babies?

Can you drive a coupe with a baby?

The only exceptions when it’s acceptable for a properly restrained baby or child to ride in the front seat are: There is no back seat in the vehicle, like in a truck or two-seater car. The back seat is fully occupied by younger children.