How do I submit a plan to the city of San Jose?


How do I submit a plan to the city of San Jose?


  1. Planning Division / Public Works Development. 200 E.
  2. Permit Center. Email us at. [email protected].
  3. Building Division. Email us at [email protected].
  4. Code Enforcement. Email us at [email protected].
  5. Public Works. Email us at [email protected].

What is PD zoning San Jose?

Planned Development Permits Before a Planned Development zoning can be utilized and before a building permit can be issued, a Planned Development Permit must be issued. The Planned Development Permit covers the site planning, building design, landscaping, circulation, signs, and other development aspects.

How long does it take to get a building permit in San Jose?

Normal processing takes four to six weeks. Any remaining fees, including the building permit fee, are payable prior to issuance of the building permit, as well as school fees, if applicable. If needed, plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits can be issued with the building permit.

What is urban village San Jose?

Urban villages are walkable, bicycle-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use settings that provide both jobs and housing. The development of urban villages is the fifth of 12 major strategies embodied within the Envision San José 2040 General Plan.

What requires a permit in San Jose?

Projects that change the configuration of walls, pipes, wiring, roofs, or major appliances typically DO require at least one type of building permit. Projects that DO NOT need a building permit are simple surface (cosmetic) projects; minor repairs and replacements; and minor site improvements or small structures.

How do I check the permits for a house in San Jose? enables you to find information about permits, properties and zoning. At SJPermits, click on the Public Information Search function to get started.

What is RM zoning in San Jose CA?


What is PD zoning in California?

The intent and purpose of a PD district for primarily residential uses is to permit more imaginative and flexible designs for residential development projects than would otherwise be permitted under the more conventional residential zoning designations.

Do I need a permit to build a shed in San Jose?

If the planned size is greater than 120 square feet, a building permit is required. If the accessory building or structure includes electrical or plumbing improvements, a permit is required regardless of the size of the structure.

Do you need a permit to remodel a bathroom in San Jose?

Any improvement outside of the kitchen/ bathroom area must be permitted separately. Projects that include any of the above require plans and plan review for permit issuance. Go to BuildingPermitServices for instructions on how to prepare and submit your plans and permit application.

Do I need a permit to build a deck in California?

I. WHEN IS A PERMIT REQUIRED? A building permit is required for any residential deck that exceeds 200 square feet in area, when located more than 30 inches above grade at any point, when attached to a dwelling, or when it serves as the main exit door. A General Application form (DS-3032) must be submitted.

What is the R 2 zoning in San Jose?

2. R-2 Two-Family Residence District. The purpose of the Two-family Residence District is to reserve land for the construction, use and occupancy of single-family and two-family subdivisions. The allowable density range for the R-2 District is eight (8) to sixteen (16) dwelling units per acre.

How do I find my property zoning in Santa Clara County?

To find out zoning information for your property you may do one of the following:

  1. Search by property address or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) using our interactive map: MAP Santa Clara.
  2. Contact the Planning Division at 408-615-2450. or [email protected].

What is RS zoning in California?


How big can Adu be in San Jose?

800 square feet
Single-Family Units An attached ADU can be up to 800 square feet or up to 50% of the primary residence square footage without exceeding 1,000 square feet. For single family lots 9,000 square feet and up, detached ADUs cannot be larger than 1,200 square feet.

Do you need permit to replace roof in San Jose?

A permit is required when 25 percent or more of an existing roof is to be reroofed in any 12-month period. Less than 25 percent is considered a repair and doesn’t require a permit. Seperate permits for each onsite structure being reroofed. Secure a separate permit for each building onsite undergoing a reroof project.

How many Adu can you have in San Jose?

Single-family Subject to standards, one ADU and one JADU may be allowed — see definitions, pages 2-4. Duplex or Multifamily Subject to standards (pages 2-4), two detached ADUs may be allowed. For a duplex, one attached ADU may also be allowed.

How do I find my APN Number Santa Clara County?

APNs can be determined through the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office Property Assessment Information System. Visit the assessor’s website for more information or contact their office at (408) 299-5500. Enter the street address of the property.