Why should we study liberal arts?

Why should we study liberal arts?

A degree in the liberal arts prepares students not only to make a living, but also to make a life. Critical thinking, communication, creative problem solving, self-expression, innovative research, and lifelong learningall skills a liberal arts degree emphasizesare central to a great career and a well-lived life.

What do you learn in liberal arts?

A liberal arts degree includes the study of history, literature, writing, philosophy, sociology, psychology, creative arts and more. Students who earn a liberal arts degree learn to formulate effective arguments, to communicate well and solve problems.

Are liberal arts degrees worth it?

To answer the question, is a liberal arts degree worth it? Yes! Compared to a STEM or career-track degree, however, liberal arts students may need a bit of extra support communicating their skills and aligning their interests with concrete job opportunities.

Do liberal arts majors get jobs?

Believe it or not, a liberal arts degree makes you well-suited for several industries, including technology, marketing, and business operations. That’s because your studies have taught you how to think critically, research thoroughly, and write well—all of which are skills any employer will value.

Which liberal arts degree is the best?

The Top Highest Paying Liberal Arts Degree JobsSociologist. Psychologist. Public Relations Specialist. Human Resources Specialists. Graphic Designer or Artist. Writer. Social Worker. Teacher. Education in the arts, language, sciences, and social sciences is required for a professional career as a teacher.

What liberal arts major makes the most money?

Here are 10 jobs for liberal arts majors that pay $55,000 or more:Fundraiser. Median annual wage: $55,640. Secondary school teacher. Editor. Public relations specialist. Human resources specialist. Training and development specialist. Writer and author. Education administrator.

Is liberal arts an easy major?

But yeah I’m a double major in a humanities and social sciences field, and in my college it’s very easy to double major in liberal arts since majors have a lot of the same core requirements. If you don’t like reading and writing and can’t manage time well, this major will be very hard.

What can I do with an AA in Liberal Arts?

Associate of Arts (AA), Liberal Arts Average by JobAdministrative Assistant.Customer Service Representative (CSR)Office Manager.Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)Sales Associate.Cashier.Legal Assistant.

Is an associate’s in liberal arts worth it?

“To be clear, students who complete an A.A. degree earn on average more than a high school graduate — so it is not that the degree has no value,” the report says. “There are skills that students get with a liberal arts education that are arguably just as valuable as the technical skills,” she said.

What does an associate’s degree in liberal arts mean?

general studies degree

What jobs can I get with an AA degree?

10 high-paying associate degree jobsAir traffic controller. Radiation therapist. Nuclear technician. Nuclear medicine technologist. Dental hygienist. Web developer. Electrical and electronics engineering technician. Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians.

What is the easiest AA degree to get?

Some of its easiest online associate degree programs include Associate of Science in Corrections, Associate of Arts/Science in Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Associate of Arts in Anthropology, and Associate of Arts in General Education.

What AA degree makes the most money?

MRI technologists, nuclear technicians, funeral service managers, and dental hygienists all earn over $70,000 a year, on average, making their respective degrees among the best associate degrees by salary.