Why did Willy Loman die?

Why did Willy Loman die?

When Willy Loman is heard racing off with his car at the end of Arthur Millers play Death of a Salesman, nobody doubts why he is doing so. He wrecks his car and kills himself to leave his family 20,000 dollars insurance money. Willy Loman is a suicide.

What motivates Willy in Death of a Salesman?

Willy Loman’s primary motivation is to become a successful salesman and attain the American Dream by becoming financially secure. In addition to sacrificing his desires and engaging in an unfulfilling job, Willy’s motivation to attain the American Dream also ruins his relationship with his son, Biff.

Where did Willy’s father go?

Willy’s Father: Willy’s father made and sold flutes across the country; he would take his family with him when he traveled by wagon to sell his flutes. One day he abandoned them and went to Alaska. Ben, Willy’s older brother, went after him, but ended up in Africa.

How did Biff lose his jobs?

Biff bailed on summer school and the math credit. From here, he spiraled downward. He started working on ranches in the West, but couldn’t hold a job because he kept stealing from his bosses. When we meet him in the play, he’s 34 years old and has finally realized just how bad Willy messed him up.

Why does Biff show him the rubber hose?

Why does Biff show him the rubber hose? Why does Biff confront Willy and Happy? is trying to kill himself. A mass for the dead; the purpose is to serve as a funeral for Willy; only five people show up.

What did Linda find in the basement?

Rubber Hose Symbol Analysis. The rubber hose is a symbol of Willy’s impending suicide. Linda finds it hidden behind the fuse box in the cellar, and the “new little nipple” she finds on the gas pipe of the water heater leads her to the conclusion that Willy had planned to inhale gas.