Why did Scrubs get Cancelled?

Why did Scrubs get Cancelled?

Scrubs was canceled in part due to ratings, but also due to the fact that it had radically changed. Lawrence wanted to move on, and its original stars and quirky characters had almost all left.

Did J.D. leave Scrubs?

Zach Braff’s career as J.D. on Scrubs will come to a flat-line at the end of the show’s upcoming season, after what will have been eight vibrant years as its main character and narrator.

Will they ever bring back Scrubs?

“There are no plans. We all want to do it in some capacity, whether it’s a movie or a limited series or something. “It’s just that we can’t do it without the king of all-things Scrubs, [creator] Bill Lawrence. He just signed the biggest deal of all time and he is a bit busy.

Why did Carla and Elliot leave Scrubs?

Even J.D. would only appear a handful of times. According to reports at the time, Judy Reyes didn’t return for Scrubs season 9 because she was only interested in maintaining her full-time gig, and the full-time pay that goes with that.

Why was the janitor not in season 9 of Scrubs?

The Janitor not returning for Scrubs season 9 is really a consequence of Flynn landing a lead role in sitcom The Middle, which itself ran for nine seasons. While Flynn’s presence was greatly missed, since Scrubs season 9 is commonly considered the show’s worst, it worked out in the actor’s favor ultimately.

Why is season 9 of Scrubs so different?

The season takes place over a year after the events of the last episode of the eighth season, “My Finale”, which was expected to be the last episode and ended many of the series’ long-running storylines. However, Bill Lawrence was approached concerning more episodes, and as a result, the show entered its ninth season.

Is Ted in season 9 of Scrubs?

Final Scrubs appearance of: Sam Lloyd as Ted.

Why did Kelso leave Scrubs?

In “My Finale”, Kelso decides to become a part-time doctor again and leave Sacred Heart for good. After stealing his favorite table from Coffeebucks, he gives J.D. a “proper” good-bye (a handshake) and drives off. The entire staff waves good-bye to Kelso from the hospital’s windows before he leaves.

Who does Elliot end up with in Scrubs?

In the Season 8 finale, it is suggested through a flash forward in the style of a home movie that J.D and Elliot will marry and have a child. In Season 9, it is revealed that J.D. and Elliot are in fact married and expecting a child.

Why was Carla not in season 9 of Scrubs?