Who is Roddy Doyle married to?

Who is Roddy Doyle married to?

Belinda MollerRoddy Doyle / Spouse (m. 1987)

Is Roddy Doyle Irish?

Roddy Doyle, (born May 8, 1958, Dublin, Ireland), Irish author known for his unvarnished depiction of the working class in Ireland.

Where does Roddy Doyle live now?

These days Doyle lives a quiet life in Clontarf with his wife and three children — two boys and a girl.

How old is Roddy Doyle?

64 years (May 8, 1958)Roddy Doyle / Age

How do I contact Roddy Doyle?

John Sutton Management

  1. Represents: Roddy Doyle.
  2. Address. Building 3, Kilmainham Square. Kilmainham. Dublin 8. Dublin. Ireland.
  3. Tel. +353 (0)1 708 0204.
  4. Email. [email protected].

What is the best Roddy Doyle book?

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha1993A Star Called Henry1999The Commitme…1987The Woman Who Walked into Doors1996The Snapper1990Operation Farceuses2000
Roddy Doyle/Books

Which Roddy Doyle book should I read first?

The Commitments (1987) It’s Doyle’s debut novel, the source document of the 1991 cinematic hit of the same name, and the first book in the ‘Barrytown’ series – so The Commitments is the perfect place to start.

What did Roddy Doyle write?

His novel, A Star Called Henry (1999), is set in 1922 during the civil war in Ireland. Doyle is also the author of two plays, Brownbread (1987), and War (1989); and children’s books, including The Giggler Treatment (2000), Rover Saves Christmas (2001) and The Meanwhile Adventures (2004).

How do you write like Roddy Doyle?

Here’s Roddy Doyle with some tips.

  1. Be kind to yourself when you start.
  2. Don’t worry about the quality of what you write until after you’ve filled lots of pages.
  3. Don’t be too worried about being worried.
  4. Give whatever you’re writing a title, as quickly as possible.
  5. Don’t try to plan everything before you start writing.

How many novels has Roddy Doyle written?

Where is Roddy Doyle from?

Dalkey, IrelandRoddy Doyle / Place of birth
Doyle was born in Dublin , Ireland , on May 8, 1958 , to Rory Doyle, a printer, and Ita Bolger Doyle, a secretary. He was raised north of Dublin in the working-class suburb of Kilbarrack in housing projects erected during the post-World War II housing boom.