Who is AP government?

Who is AP government?

The state government is headed by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh as the nominal head of state, with a democratically elected Chief Minister as the real head of the executive….Government of Andhra Pradesh.Seat of GovernmentAmaravatiExecutiveGovernorBiswabhusan HarichandanChief MinisterY. S. Jaganmohan ReddyChief SecretaryNeelam Sawhney, IAS12

What is a line of reasoning AP Gov?

Articulate a defensible claim or thesis that responds to the question and establishes a line of reasoning. Provide evidence from one of the foundational documents listed in the question to support the claim. Use reasoning to explain why the evidence supports the claim.

How do I write a concept application for AP Gov?

Sample Concept Application QuestionStep 1: Analyze the Prompt. Closely read the political scenario (the stimulus), marking important details. Step 2: Plan Your Response. Step 3: Action! Step 4: Proofread.

How is FRQS graded?

Most tests grade their free responses between 1 and 9, with 1 being least effective and 9 being nearly perfect. Your raw free-response score is the total of the scores you get for each response.