Where is matoya cave ff1?

Matoya’s Cave is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is the abode of the witch Matoya, and is located northeast of Cornelia.

Where is matoya cave ff1?

Matoya’s Cave is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is the abode of the witch Matoya, and is located northeast of Cornelia.

Where is the Marsh Cave in ff1?

The Marsh Cave is a location from the original Final Fantasy. Located southwest of Elfheim, it is full of monsters. It is a dark and maze-like cave with pillars of stone dividing levels into sections, and the Warriors of Light must often enter hollow rooms in the cave to get around these barriers.

How do I get crystal eye ff1?

Crystal Eye is a special trade accessory that can only be obtained via Battlegen in a battle against a Friend Card of Warrior of Light, and is used to create the Wyrmhero Blade.

How do I get to the dwarf cave in ff1?

Called the “Dwarf Cave” in the NES version. The home of the Dwarves, Mt. Duegar can be reach by the northern most port on the Inner Sea, located northwest of Cornelia. From there, walk south and west until you see the mountain entrance.

Where is the mystic key ff1?

The Mystic Key is referred to as the Magic Key in the episode. It is stated that the Magic Key was found on the sleeping Prince.

How do you get the crown in Final Fantasy?

Retrieving The Crown You can learn from the King at the Western Keep (to the northwest of Elfheim) that his magic Crown is lost in the Marsh Cave. You don’t need to talk to him to find this out, you can simply head to the cave and get the crown. Marsh Cave can be quite difficult if you go in unprepared.

Where do I go after Rosetta Stone ff1?

The Rosetta Stone is found in a treasure chest on the fifth floor of the Sunken Shrine. After taking the Stone to Dr. Unne in Melmond, the heroes can learn Lufenian and speak with the citizens of Lufenia.

How do I get to Earth cavern ff1?

The Cavern of Earth 1 is unlocked by completing Vile Peaks, Part 2 in the Final Fantasy XIII realm. Completion of this dungeon unlocks Cavern of Earth 2.

Where can I get crystals in ff1?

Each of the four elemental Crystals are in a dungeon related to the Crystal’s element: the Earth Crystal is in the Cavern of Earth, the Fire Crystal is in Mount Gulg, the Water Crystal is in the Sunken Shrine, and the Wind Crystal is in the Flying Fortress.

Where is the dark elf in ff1?

Astos is the evil king of the Dark Elves in the original Final Fantasy. He is fought as a boss in the Western Keep where he is found disguised as a king. In Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and future remakes, Astos appears in the Whisperwind Cove.

What do I do with the Nitro powder ff1?

Nitro Gunpowder) (or TNT in the original) is an item in the original Final Fantasy. Nerrick the dwarf uses it to blow a hole that allows the player’s ship to access the rest of the world’s ocean. It is obtained in a chest in Castle Cornelia.

Where is Mount Duergar in ff1?

the Aldean Sea
Mount Duergar, also known as the Dwarves’ Cave, is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is here where the Dwarves reside. Mount Duergar is located at the western edge of the Aldean Sea.

What is the crown for in ff1?

Crown is a key item found in the Marsh Cave, but is guarded by Piscodemons. After the Light Warriors obtain the crown, they battle with Astos. Later, at the Citadel of Trials, they use the Crown to gain access to the trial which allows them to seek the class change.

How do you save the elf prince in Final Fantasy?

How To Wake Up The Elf Prince

  1. Retrieve the Crown from the Marsh Cave.
  2. Bring the Crown to the King to get the Crystal Eye.
  3. Trade the Crystal Eye for the Jolt Tonic.
  4. Use the Jolt Tonic to wake up the Elf Prince.

What is the best team for Final Fantasy 1?

A good party consists of:

  • 1 Warrior.
  • 1 White Mage (the Knight is not a good replacement)
  • 1 black magic user (the Ninja does not count): Black Mage or Red Mage.
  • 1 other physically strong class: Warrior, Thief, Monk, or Red Mage.

What does the star ruby do in ff1?

The Star Ruby, also known as Ruby, is a key item from the original Final Fantasy. It is found on the third floor of the Cavern of Earth after defeating the Vampire. Giving it to the giant in the Giant’s Cave will satisfy his hunger, and he will let the Warriors of Light pass.

Where is the Vampire in ff1?

the Cavern of Earth
Data. The Vampire is a boss from the original Final Fantasy, fought on the third floor of the Cavern of Earth. When the Light Warriors arrive to Melmond, they find the earth rotting and the people suffering.

Why is Final Fantasy always about crystals?

Regardless of how they are implemented, crystals are always considered sacred in Final Fantasy worlds and are often directly tied to the plot or play an important role in world-building.

What do I do with the crown in ff1?