What literary devices are used in the Odyssey?

What literary devices are used in the Odyssey?

In The Odyssey, Homer employs most of the literary and poetic devices associated with epics: catalogs, digressions, long speeches, journeys or quests, various trials or tests of the hero, similes, metaphors, and divine intervention.

How was Odysseus loyal to his crew?

Loyalty was shown by Odysseus in that he was very loyal to his crew. He help them and they helped him. An example of this is when Odysseus see Elpinor at Hades and goes back to the island to burry him. He also is loyal when he goes and rescues them from Circe.

What is an example of dramatic irony in the Odyssey?

Dramatic irony occurs when Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, meets his father but believes him to be a beggar. Odysseus eventually reveals himself, but for a moment, we, the audience, know what Telemachus doesn’t.

How are the sirens described in the Odyssey?

The Sirens were hybrid creatures with the body of a bird and the head of a woman, sometimes also with human arms. The Sirens had beautiful singing voices and were gifted lyre players. So wonderful was their musical talent that it was said they could even calm the winds.

Why does the disguised Odysseus make up a story?

Penelope summons the “beggar” Odysseus and questions him. Why does the disguised Odysseus make up a story and tell Penelope that her husband will be home soon? To prepare Penelope emotionally for recognizing and welcoming her husband.

How is siren song different to the Odyssey?

The sirens are described as bird like creatures that are beautiful and deceitful. The sirens prey on the most strong and heroic heroes that are also very gullible. Homer in “The Odyssey” and Margaret Atwood in the “Sirens Song” give different portrayals of the sirens through their point of view and tone.

What is the tone of the Odyssey?

The tone of The Odyssey evolves from somber and mournful to joyfully excited as Odysseus gets closer to completing his quest. The book begins in a depressive tone, as Telemachus and Penelope despair of ever seeing Odysseus again and the situation with the suitors is becoming dire.

What theme is best depicted at the end of the Odyssey?


What are symbols in the Odyssey?

Examples include the shroud that Penelope weaves for Laertes, the great bow of Odysseus, the sea itself, and the island of Ithaca. The shroud that Penelope weaves for her father-in-law, Laertes’, eventual funeral symbolizes the cunning with which she confronts the suitors.

How is love defined in the Odyssey?

The love that he feels for his son and for his father, two people who still love and remember him, is how the love of the soul is defined. This love surpasses physical beauty in that it is the love of beautiful souls. Odysseus loves his son and his father for their loyal souls who never forgot a member of their family.

What is an example of imagery in the Odyssey?

In book 12 of Homer’s Odyssey, an example of imagery is the extensive description of Odysseus’s ship’s travels between Kharybdis and Skylla. This well-developed example of imagery is found in lines 283 to 306 of Robert Fitzgerald’s translation of this epic poem.

Is it possible for a modern reader to accept Odysseus killing of the suitors?

Modern readers can accept Odysseus killing the suitors in The Odyssey by Homer if they consider the context and the time in which it was written. Whether the difference in values would affect enjoyment of the poem is up to each individual reader.

What is the meaning of siren song?

alluring utterance

What is the tone of siren song?

Overall the tone is intimate, ironic and confessional. It’s as if the speaker is whispering to the reader, drawing them ever closer in, just as the song does with the sailors in the ancient Greek myths.

What are 3 examples of diction in the Odyssey?

Three examples of diction in the text that add to the overall tone are “There is distress”, “We were frightened out of our senses” and “the cruel wretch vouchsafed me not one word of answer. The first phrase adds a negative aspect and feeling to the emotional power of the story.

What are 3 examples of imagery in the Odyssey?

Imagery: the formation of mental images, figures,

  • “…till the sun dipped, and all the. ways grew dark upon the fathomless.
  • “When the young Dawn with fingertips. of rose touched the world…”
  • “So with our brand we bored that great eye socket while. blood ran out around the red-hot bar.
  • “The Cyclops’ rams were handsome,