What is wrong with Betty The Crucible?

What is wrong with Betty The Crucible?

What is wrong with Betty Parris? She is ill, seems to be in a coma. Eyes are closed, not moving. She says that there is no natural cause for Betty’s condition and says that it could be of the devil; no cure.

What do you think are the real reason Mary gives Elizabeth the gift?

Mary tells Elizabeth that she has made the doll in court as something to do that kept her busy. However, Abigail Williams may have instructed Mary Warren to give the poppet to Elizabeth so that she could accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft.

Why is the crucible considered an allegory?

In using the 1692 setting of the Salem witch trials to warn audiences about the dangers of present-day McCarthyism, The Crucible also functions as an allegory. An allegory is a story in which characters or images represent specific ideas.

Why does Mrs Putnam believe Betty is crying out at the sound of the psalm?

They believe that she is screaming because she cannot stand to hear prayer. Betty screams when she hears the Lord’s prayer, the Lord’s name. “Meanwhile, as a psalm is sung in the room downstairs, Betty claps her hands over her ears and begins whining loudly.

What does Betty do when she overhears a psalm being read?

What does Betty do when she overhears a psalm being read? She puts her hands over her ears and screams. She may well have been reacting to what she heard John and Abigail discussing.

How would you explain the illnesses of Betty and Ruth?

How would you explain the “illnesses” of Betty and Ruth? The girls are overwhelmed by the emotional trauma of being discovered by Parris and withdraw into themselves to avoid facing the consequences of their actions.

What type of story is the crucible?


What does Susana say the Dr believes is ailing Betty?

Susanna says the doctor has no cure for Betty’s sickness. 4. What rumor is circulating about Betty? The rumor that is circulating about Betty is that witchcraft caused her to become sick.

Why do Mr and Mrs Putnam get involved?

The reason that the Putnams believe that they are being targetted by malicious people in the community is because they are jealous of their wealth. Putnam especially wants the land of Mr. Jacobs, his neighbor’s, who own property right next to his, he puts his daughter Ruth up to the task of accusing Mr.

What are Betty and Ruth symptoms?

What are Ruth Putnam’s symptoms? How do they differ from Betty’s? Ruth is sleepwalking, but Betty is in a coma.