What is the value of education in society?

What is the value of education in society?

Education is very important and highly valued in today’s society; it is also necessary for success in life. Education is supposed to provide students with the necessary skills that prepare them for the world of work later in life. The education system also serves to teach individuals the values and morals of society.

Why is education mandatory?

Nowadays, compulsory education has been considered as a right of every citizen in many countries. It is mostly used to advance the education of all citizens, minimize the number of students who stop going to school because of family economic reasons, and balance the education differences between rural and urban areas.

Who started compulsory education?

Origins of Compulsory Education But the Aztec Triple Alliance (which ruled modern-day central Mexico in the 15th and early 16th centuries) is widely credited as being the first nation to make education mandatory for all children.

Who made education compulsory?

The Fisher Education Act 1918 made education compulsory up until 14 years old, paving the way for increased tertiary education. Growing public debate on the role of education prompted government-commissioned inquiries into further reform.