What is the noun form of sedulous?

sedulousness. The quality of being sedulous.

What is the noun form of sedulous?

sedulousness. The quality of being sedulous.

Is sedulous a adjective?

SEDULOUS (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is sedulously a adverb?

sedulously adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

Is Sedulousness a word?

Steady attention and effort, as to one’s occupation: application, assiduity, assiduousness, diligence, industriousness, industry.

What is the meaning of sedulously?

1 : involving or accomplished with careful perseverance sedulous craftsmanship. 2 : diligent in application or pursuit a sedulous student.

How do you use sedulously in a sentence?

He felt that the distinction between an approved school and a borstal institution must be most sedulously preserved. I think that the labour unrest has been sedulously fostered by mischievous people. That is an idea which has been sedulously cultivated by many newspapers, and some politicians.

What is a sedulous person?

sedulous \SEJ-uh-lus\ adjective. 1 : involving or accomplished with careful perseverance. 2 : diligent in application or pursuit.

Is Flippit a word?

noun A pert or lively person.

How do you use flippancy in a sentence?

He began by treating the measure with the utmost flippancy, and he has ended by treating it as constitutional outrage. A man of his tremendous record can afford to ignore any flippancy of mine on that subject. We will certainly not tolerate any flippancy on this. That does not seem to me to indicate flippancy.

What is Lequescent?

Definition of lequescent: °Inactive, at rest, quiet. “The bats were quiescent at that time of day, so we slowly entered the cave.”

What is a flippancy?

1 : lacking proper respect or seriousness. 2 archaic : glib, talkative.

What flippancy means?

unbecoming levity or pertness
Definition of flippancy : unbecoming levity or pertness especially in respect to grave or sacred matters.

What’s the definition for trenchant?

Definition of trenchant 1 : keen, sharp. 2 : vigorously effective and articulate a trenchant analysis also : caustic trenchant remarks.

What Pagal means?

crazy adjective
/pāgala/ crazy adjective after link verb. If something makes or drives you crazy, it makes you extremely annoyed or upset. Their endless arguing drove him crazy. crazy adjective.

What is an Acclivity?

Definition of acclivity : an ascending slope (as of a hill)