What is the meaning of Whole Lotta Love?

What is the meaning of Whole Lotta Love?

The song came out in 1969 as the first song on the album Led Zeppelin II, and it’s partly based on ‘You need love’, written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Muddy Waters. Robert Plant’s version still leaves open-mouthed for the explicit, lubricious references to carnal love.

Who played Whole Lotta Love?

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is a track that would ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping the career of one of the most vital band’s of all time, allowing Zeppelin to become a stadium-filling group who would soundtrack rock music for years to come.

Who wrote Whole Lotta Love?

Jimmy PageRobert PlantJohn BonhamJohn Paul JonesWillie Dixon
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What album is Whole Lotta Love on?

Led Zeppelin IIWhole Lotta Love / AlbumLed Zeppelin II is the second studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released on 22 October 1969 in the United States and on 31 October 1969 in the United Kingdom by Atlantic Records. Wikipedia

What does whole lotta mean?

: a large amount of : very much He doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of respect for other people’s feelings.

Who did Led Zeppelin steal Whole Lotta Love from?

Led Zeppelin II (1970) 1. Whole Lotta Love – Based off of a 1962 Muddy Waters song called “You Need Love,” written once again by the great Willie Dixon. The band was sued in 1985, and courts ruled in favor of Dixon. The copying comes mostly in the lyrics, as Page’s hard-hammering riff is his own work.

Who did Whole Lotta Love first?

Jimmy Page initially came up with the classic Whole Lotta Love riff at his Pangbourne home in the late summer of 1968. Some nine months later in April 1969, it was this song that kick-started the sessions for Led Zeppelin II at Olympic Studios in Barnes.

What is a lota called in English?

lota in American English (ˈloutə) noun. (in India) a small container for water, usually of brass or copper and round in shape. Also: lotah.

Who is Carmen Plant married to?

Charlie JonesCarmen Jane Plant / Spouse (m. 1991)