What is the genre of play the way of the world?

Restoration comedy

What is the genre of play the way of the world?

Restoration comedy

What is the relationship between Millamant and Mrs Fainall?

Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall were lovers; she married Fainall as a cover for her affair with Mirabell.

How old is Wishfort?

She is first described by Mirabell, who points out that her character is defined in the tag-name, Lady Wish-fort. She is fifty-five years of age, an age that certainly seemed very old to the precocious and brilliant thirty-year-old whose play was being produced.

What is the rising action in the way of the world?

Act 2 is used to build the conflict and is, therefore, the rising action. Act 3 is when the climax occurs. The men we met in act I, Fainall and Marwood, create their comedic plan to trick Lady Wishfort into giving her blessing to the marriage of Marwood and Mrs. Millamant.

What is the role of Lady Wishfort in the way of the world?

A wealthy, old widow, mother to Arabella Fainall, and aunt to Millamant, Witwoud, and Sir Wilfull, Lady Wishfort is a vain and silly woman who tries to act younger than she actually is. This role, of course, is threatened by Fainall, who she later claims is not the man she wanted her daughter to remarry.

Who is the central character of the way of the world?

Characters. The play is centred on the two lovers Mirabell and Millamant (originally played by John Verbruggen and Anne Bracegirdle). In order for them to marry and receive Millamant’s full dowry, Mirabell must receive the blessing of Millamant’s aunt, Lady Wishfort.

What is ratafia in the way of the world?

She demands that Peg fetch her “the red.” Not understanding that Wishfort wants her makeup, Peg asks her if she wants “ratafia,” a cherry brandy.

Who is the protagonist of the play the way of the world?

The protagonist of the play, Edward Mirabell is a fashionable, intellectual, and clever man-about-town, popular with the ladies.