What is the finest point pen?


What is the finest point pen?


Is CBSE checking strict?

The CBSE board Evaluation process is not as strict as you think, because the instructions given to the examiners who check your copies are not so strict. So, you can be worry-free and remove all your negative thoughts about Evaluation Pattern. Some key points are given below on which students get full or zero marks.

Is it OK to cheat sometimes?

Vennare adds that cheat days can occasionally do more harm than good. “Some people can’t make the switch from healthy to unhealthy. Once they get a taste of sweets, they binge and can’t go back. By the same token, a cheat meal may turn into a cheat week — or worse, a cheat month — for dieters that push too hard.

Which is smaller 0.7 or 0.5 pen?

The common sizes are: fine (0.5), medium (0.7), and broad (1.0).

Does cheating happens in board exam?

What happens to a CBSE candidate found cheating? As per norms, a candidate found using unfair means or involved in disorderly conduct or disturbing other candidates, at or in connection with an examination is referred to the Unfair Means Committee.

Does CBSE give marks for wrong answer?

In cbse board exams,you will get marks for each attempt. Doesn’t matter if the answer is correct. Therefore,examiner has the right to give extra marks but it keeps changing every year or two. Hence,nobody can tell you the exact marks allotted by an examiner for the questions attempted.

How do I make my ball pens darker?

  1. In this case, if there is still ink left in the pen, you may be able to get it flowing again.
  2. To do so, take the ballpoint cartridge out, and hold the metal tip over the edge for a few seconds, rotating it as you do.
  3. The heat from the flame should be enough to reconstitute the ink and get your ballpoint going again!

Is 0.7 or 0.5 Thinner?

Is 0.7 lead bigger or smaller than 0.5 lead? The number for the lead is the measurement of the lead thickness in millimeters. 0.7 mm is more than 0.5 mm, so 0.7 lead is bigger than 0.5 lead.

What is morally wrong with cheating?

Cheating morally is a wrong action, because cheating is, as one case of the definition of immoral action, especially in the case of your question;” cheating in tasks in such a way to give you an advantage over others.”That clearly disregarded right of others.