What is the best resolution for Dota 2?

Dota 2 Performance Chart

What is the best resolution for Dota 2?

Best Resolution and Refresh Rate for DOTA 2 For that reason we definitely recommend just going with 1920×1080 (or whatever your monitor’s native resolution is) because lowering your resolution isn’t worth the tradeoffs.

What FPS is good for Dota 2?

Dota 2 Performance Chart

30-45 FPS Playable Acceptable to most people. Not very good though!
45-60 FPS Smooth Fluid animation, no “lag”.
60-90 FPS Very Smooth Very smooth is very smooth to almost everyone.
90-144 FPS Silky Smooth Criminally smooth. For hardcore and professional players.

What is ground Parallax Dota 2?

Ground Parallax. Makes the flat ground texture appear 3 dimensional, making them shift based on camera movement. Only available when “Normal Maps” is enabled. Ambient Creatures. Enables/disables random critters creeping around the world.

Why is Dota 2 so laggy?

One of the most common causes of lags during gameplay is the faulty or incompatible graphics driver. If Dota 2 starts lagging after you updated the graphics driver, you’ll need to roll back the driver to the previous version; if you haven’t made any changes to the driver, then try updating it to the latest version.

Is 60hz good for dota?

Dota 2 is far from demanding by today’s standards, and you don’t require much hardware to be competitive in it. Either AMD or Nvidia works well, and any recent releases (say, from 2015 onwards) can run the game easily at 60fps, even 100+ if you have a decently powerful one.

What GPU is best for Dota 2?

I suggest amd 5800 series or higher and nvidia Gtx 500 series or higher. These cards will let you run dota 2 on max (with that monitor) no problem and you shouldn’t have to upgrade for a while unless your playing fps games. Then you need to bump up a series on both for max settings.

Is Dota 2 CPU intensive?

Hi there, please do note that Dota 2 is a cpu intensive game but you should get more fps i guess. Can you check your nvidia control panel settings? Check your Cpu temps ( Run msi afterburner and monitor them ). Also, check if there are any processes in the background that could be using your cpu.

Is 165Hz better than 144Hz?

Final Thoughts & Recommendations. 165Hz is better than 144Hz, but may not be worth it unless you’re a serious gamer. If you are a serious gamer, however, you may want the extra hertz.