What is major rank in Indian Army?

What is major rank in Indian Army?

Commissioned officers

Ranks Description Retirement age
Lieutenant Colonel National emblem over five-pointed star. NA
Major National emblem. NA
Captain Three five-pointed stars. NA
Lieutenant Two five-pointed stars. NA

How can I join Indian Army after 25?

Graduate Non UPSC Entry As long as you fall within 19 to 25 years of age, unmarried, are a graduate with at least 50% marks, and have 2 years of NCC Senior Division Army service with minimum B grade in C Certificate Exam, you can apply. Selection is contingent on clearing the SSB interview.

What is minimum height for Army?

152 cms

Is lieutenant a high rank in India?

The usual highest-rank of the Indian Army is the rank of General which is held by the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army (COAS). New officers in the Indian Army are commissioned as Lieutenants. Hereafter, they get promoted to higher ranks in the order mentioned above.

What is the power of lieutenant in Indian Army?

They hold the most senior appointments like the Vice Chief of the Army Staff and the heads of the seven army commands (styled general officer commanding-in-chief). The seven GOC-in-C appointments are: Central Command.

How can I become a Indian soldier?

To become a Major in Army, the candidates first need to join National Defence Academy (NDA) or Combine Defence Services (CDS). To join National Defence Academy/Combine Defence Services a candidate must appear in the entrance exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, twice a year.

What is the salary of a captain in Indian army?

Indian Army Salary By Rank

Rank Pay Scale Grade Pay
Indian Army Lieutenant Salary (Level 10) 5400
Indian Army Captain Salary (Level 10 B) 6100
Indian Army Major Salary (Level 11) 6600
Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary (Level 12) 8000

How is life in Indian Army?

1. Life in Army. The life in Army starts at around 4’o clock in the morning when army officers start with their physical training and post that the working hours go up to 4 to 5 in the evening, depending on the border scenarios of our country.

Can I join Indian Army at the age of 27?

The eligible Other Ranks (OR) in age group of 20-27 years and minimum two years of service, having 10+2 pass qualification can apply for Regular Commission. After qualifying in written examination conducted by the Military Training Directorate, the aspirants are screened by SSB and the Medical Board.

What is age limit in Indian Army?

Categories of Entry and Their Eligibility Conditions

Category Age
Soldier General Duty (All Arms) 17 ½ – 21 Yrs
Soldier Technical (Technical Arms, Artillery, Army Air Defence) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs
Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs
Soldier Nursing Assistant (Army Medical Corps) 17 ½ – 23 Yrs

Do Army Officers Get bungalow?

The officers’ messes and living quarters are located slightly away from the unit lines. Married officers live in small bungalows allotted to them in the cantonment area. Bachelors are allotted single rooms near the officers’ messes.

What is the age limit to join Indian Army?

Categories of Entry and Their Eligibility Conditions

Category Age
Junior Commissioned Officer Religious Teacher (All Arms) 25-34 Yrs
Junior Commissioned Officer Catering (Army Service Corps) 21-27 Yrs
Havildar Education(Army Education Corps) 20-25 Yrs
Soldier (General Duty) Women Military police 17 ½ – 21 Yrs *

Can a soldier become lieutenant?

Getting into the Ranks of the Officers The only requirement is to be within the age limit. Completion of their B.A. from Army Cadet College will be followed by a year of military training in IMA, Dehradun, after which they will finally be commissioned as a Lieutenant in the army.