What is happening in LA news?

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What is happening in LA news?

Breaking News

  • 1 dead, 8 injured in San Bernardino hookah lounge shooting.
  • 1 killed in Winnetka crash.
  • 1 killed in PCH crash in Malibu.
  • 2 Killed After Helicopter Spins Out Of Control, Bursts Into Flames At Southern California Airport.

What happened on the 210 freeway yesterday?

Deadly 210 Freeway Shooting and Crash Closes Eastbound Lanes A 40-year-old woman died on the 210 Freeway after she was shot while driving and crashed into a sound wall. It’s unclear whether the crash or the shooting happened first, but the investigation closed all eastbound lanes on the freeway.

Why is LA traffic so terrible?

Los Angeles consistently ranks among the most traffic-clogged cities in America. The county has been trying to reduce its traffic for decades and nothing has worked. Many researchers and economists suggest charging people for using the road in a system called congestion pricing.

Which U.S. city has the worst traffic?

New York City, New York: Drivers spent an extra 5 days and 3 hours sitting in rush hour traffic which was actually 20 hours less than in 2019.

Why is 210 West closed?

BREAKING NEWS: Westbound lanes of the 210 Freeway in Pasadena are closed at Rosemead Boulevard due to a tractor-trailer collision with at least one other vehicle. Traffic is expected to be significantly impacted for at least two hours.

What happened in the 210 Freeway today?

Two people were killed Wednesday after being trapped inside a vehicle that was hit by a semi trailer in Los Angeles near the Glendale border. TUJUNGA, Calif. – Two people were killed when their car crashed into a big rig on the 210 freeway in Tujunga.

Why is LA so car centric?

In 1920 Los Angeles had about 170 gas stations. By 1930 there were over 1,500. This early and rapid adoption of the automobile in the region is the reason that L.A. was such a pioneer in the area of automotive-centric retailing.

Is LA traffic worse than NYC?

New York City Overtakes Los Angeles To Top List Of Worst Traffic In The Country, Survey Says. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City just topped a list that you really don’t want to be on. A new study found we have the worst traffic in the country.

Is Atlanta or LA traffic worse?

INRIX analyzed per capita time spent in traffic congestion among drivers in more than 900 cities across 43 countries by examining commute times during peak and off-peak hours….Photos You Should See – Oct. 2020.

Congestion Rank Metro Area Hours Lost to Congestion
9 Baltimore, Maryland 84
10 Atlanta, Georgia 82

Is Mark Kono still with KTLA?

After nearly 20 years at KTLA, we say goodbye to Sky 5 pilot/ reporter Mark Kono. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, June 2, 2022.

Who left KTLA news?

Steve Kuzj was a general assignment reporter for KTLA 5 News. He left the station in July 2021.

Is broadcast TV going away?

Some local TV stations in cities across the U.S. will be changing their over-the-air broadcast frequencies between now and July 2020. People who watch free over-the-air television with an antenna will need to rescan their TV set each time a station moves to continue receiving the local channel.

What are they doing to the 210 Freeway?

The construction on the 210 Freeway is part of a $135.5 million project that will replace all lanes with new pavement from Wheatland Avenue to the 5 Freeway. The goal of the project is to provide 40 years of service life to the pavement and a smoother ride for motorists.

Where does the 210 Freeway end?

Interstate 210 (I-210) and State Route 210 (SR 210) are two connected highways in the Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties of California. They are also known as the Foothill Freeway together. It runs from the Interstate 5 near Santa Clarita and San Fernando to San Dimas at the State Route 57.

Why is 210 Freeway Closed?

The closure is part of a $30 million project to upgrade the San Gabriel River Bridge by installing improved bridge hinges and railings and strengthening bridge decks. The ramps from the westbound 210 to Irwindale Avenue and to the southbound 605 Freeway will also be closed.

Why did LA get rid of trolleys?

In 1974, when thick layers of smog routinely blanketed Los Angeles, Snell argued that “General Motors and allied highway interests acquired the local transit companies, scrapped the pollution-free electric trains, tore down the power transmission lines, ripped up the tracks, and placed GM motor buses on already …