What is Goslice offer?

Use code “GOSLICE” on domestic flights on GoIbibo to avail 15% instant discount. 2. Minimum transaction value is ₹2500. 3. Maximum discount is ₹1500.

What is Goslice offer?

Use code “GOSLICE” on domestic flights on GoIbibo to avail 15% instant discount. 2. Minimum transaction value is ₹2500. 3. Maximum discount is ₹1500.

What is super discount in Goibibo?

Super Flight Sale. Offer Details: Customer gets up-to INR 1500 instant discount on bookings. On the application of the deal code GISUPER, discount will automatically be deducted from the booking amount.

How do I get flight offers?

Use these 11 tricks to book cheap flight tickets

  1. Be flexible with travel dates.
  2. Go for local airlines.
  3. Use incognito when searching for flights.
  4. If possible, make payment in a currency cheaper than the Indian rupee.
  5. Book your flights well in advance.
  6. Set fare alerts.
  7. Identify the cheapest place to travel.

How can I get cashback from Goibibo?

Offers Details:

  1. Customer will get flat 15% cashback in their bank account within 24 hours of making the transaction.
  2. This is applicable only on transactions made by Credit and Debit Cards.
  3. In case of cancellation, the amount refunded will not include the cashback amount.

What is a slice card?

Slice Super Credit Card lets you earn instant rewards on multiple categories, such as travel, dining, lifestyle and more. You can also earn cashback on your transactions via this credit card. Below mentioned are some of the Slice Credit Card benefits: 2% instant cashback on every transaction.

How do you use slice card offers?

There are no other special steps to avail this offer. Just go through the normal purchase process and use your saved slice super card to pay.

How do I get the maximum discount on a flight?

5 Hacks To Score Cool Discounts While Booking a Flight

  1. Setting Up the Ground Rules :
  2. Go Incognito.
  3. Attention to Detail.
  4. Think Freely.
  5. Weekend Bookings are a NO-NO.
  6. Make it Official.
  7. Bonus Tip.

Can goCash be transferred to bank account?

Sudhir, you cant transfer go-cash. You can please contact goibibo team. Go-cash cant transfer to main account, you can only utilize that amount for Bookings.

How do I get a refund from Goibibo flight?

Refund and claim Procedure:

  1. Customer has to visit the MyTrips section on Goibibo and raise a request for refund with us and select the “I Tested COVID+” option.
  2. Goibibo will be validating the RT-PCR report with the lab and refund will be processed only for verified RT-PCR Reports.

Can I use slice card without pan?

Anyone above 18 can apply for this card. If the student does not have a PAN card, then he can apply for this card on the student ID. This card has features of both loan and credit cards. Students can also apply for Slice Credit Card whose CIBIL score has not started yet.

Does slice card charge a fee?

No, this credit card comes with no joining or annual fees.

How do I get a 300 RS slice card?

Slice Invite Code

  1. First of all download Slice.
  2. Once download completes just open the app.
  3. Now enter your mobile number and click on continue.
  4. On next page verify your mobile number by entering otp and follow below steps to get Rs.300.
  5. Just enter Slice card invite code JOHN196618 and get Rs.300 bonus.

How do you get 500 in slice?

Note: In the Slice Invite Code section make sure to enter KING264562 to get a 500 INR signup bonus. 6. Once you did that it will show you your PAN number linked with your mobile number.