What is DuPont Delrin?

What is DuPont Delrin?

Delrin® acetal homopolymer (Polyoxymethylene POM) is the ideal material in parts designed to replace metal. It combines low-friction and high-wear resistance with the high strength and stiffness such applications require. It provides a wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to 120 °C) and good colorability.

Is acetal and Delrin the same thing?

Delrin is a type of acetal homopolymer and therefore generally interchangeable with others of the same class. This means that Delrin still offers the same core benefits of general acetal plastics, such as: Excellent dimensional stability. Friction, fatigue, and abrasion resistance.

Is Delrin stronger than acetal?

Delrin does tend to have a slightly higher hardness than other acetal plastics. Chemical resistance. Acetal has a better resistance to the effects of hot water and strong caustic solutions when compared to Delrin.

What is acetal resin used for?

Acetal Copolymer resin is used in applications requiring a combination of strength, low moisture absorption, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. It’s also used for high-performance engineering components. Acetal Copolymer is widely used in the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry.

Is Delrin a resin?

Delrin®, the world’s first acetal resin, is a highly versatile engineering polymer. It offers an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics.

Is acetal copolymer the same as Delrin?

Delrin® is an acetal homopolymer and has a uniform backbone with a larger crystalline block structure than acetal copolymers providing better chemical bonding. As a result, Delrin® is the stiffest and strongest unreinforced technical engineering polymer available.

What is stronger than Delrin?

Acetal has a better resistance to the effects of hot water and strong caustic solutions with a high pH value when compared to Delrin®. This makes Acetal a better choice for parts and materials handling applications involving the use of strong base chemicals.

Does Delrin absorb water?

Delrin® Homopolymer Delrin® is a family of Acetal Homopolymer whose properties include low water absorption and superior creep resistance, tensile strength, and fatigue endurance.

What are acetal resins?

Acetal is a thermoplastic resin commonly used for injection molding applications. Acetal resins, or technically called polyoxymethylenes (POM), are among the strongest and stiffest of thermoplastics.

Where is acetal used?

Acetal is one of the most widely used plastics in the manufacturing sector. Its applications include engineering components that require high-performance, like those in the electronics and the automotive sectors. These include gear wheels, fasteners, lock systems, etc.

What type of plastic is acetal?

engineering thermoplastic
Acetal or Polyoxymethylene (POM), commonly known under DuPont’s brand name Delrin®, is an engineering thermoplastic. It is a lightweight, low-friction and wear-resistant material with good physical and processing properties.

Is HDPE the same as Delrin?

While HDPE Sheet and Acetal Sheet look similar, they perform quite a bit differently. Acetal is commonly known as: Delrin Homopolymer Acetal, Tecaform AH,Ensital, Unital, Pomalux, Ultraform and many more. HDPE is also known as: Ultraethylux, Densetec, Polystone G, Fortiflex, Versadur, Hostalen, and many more.

Can you cut Delrin?

Trotec and Universal say Delrin is safe to cut as long as you use an air assist and have a good filtration system. Although, some schools have banned laser cutting Delrin because it is known to emit Benzene which is a carcinogen.

Is HDPE same as Delrin?

How long does Delrin last?

Delrin has outstanding fatigue resistance, almost indefinitely withstanding cyclic compressive/tensile stressing 5,000 psi. Delrin does not permanently deform or retain dents, and has good impact toughness.

What kind of plastic is Delrin?

Polyoxymethylene (POM), more commonly known as acetal or its branded name Delrin®, is an engineering plastic offering low friction, high stiffness, and excellent dimensional stability. Polyoxymethylene is a category of thermoplastics and includes many different formulations of the material, all of which vary slightly.

What products are made from acetal?

Acetal is a material that Traco uses for manufacturing parts used in the industrial, automotive, and electronics industries. Products like wear pads, food processing, valve parts, and manifolds use this material because of its low friction and high rigidity.

Which is stronger nylon or acetal?

Compared to acetal, nylon offers superior tensile strength and bending stiffness. It can also handle higher loads and higher temperatures.