What is Cambodia postal code?

All post codes in Phnom Penh Capital

What is Cambodia postal code?

All post codes in Phnom Penh Capital

Country Capital or province Commune
Khan Chrouy Changvar
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 121005
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 121001
Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital 121004

What is the format of a postal code?

A United States postal code, for example, might be either five digits or five digits followed a hyphen (dash) and another four digits (12345-1234). If you are validating US postal codes, allow for both conditions. The following rule validates a field that can be five digits, five digits + dash + 4 digits, or blank.

What is address Line 1 Cambodia?

Address. 1. Sell. Marketing Department. Corner Street 13 & 102, SangKat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

How do I mail a letter to Cambodia?

The easiest way to send letters from the USA to Cambodia is with Global Forever Stamps for $1.30 each. You can also use regular, domestic forever stamps as long as they add up to $1.30. Extra postage is required over 1 ounce.

How do I know my postal code?

Whatismyzip.com is a free fast web app to define your postal code. Just allow it to use your current location info and in a few moments you’ll see the zip code of the area you are in. It also provides your probable address with a fragment of Google map.

Which countries use ZIP codes?


Country ISO Note
Albania AL Introduced in 2006, gradually implemented throughout 2007.
Algeria DZ First two as in ISO 3166-2:DZ
American Samoa AS U.S. ZIP codes (range 96799)
Andorra AD Each parish now has its own post code.

What is valid ZIP or postal code?

Qatar does not use zip or postal codes. If it’s required for an online forms, use 00000 or other random numbers.

What is full postal address?

Noun. postal address (plural postal addresses) The address (of a person or business) to which mail is delivered, as distinct from the actual street address.