What is Calfreezy real name?

25 years (November 24, 1996)Harry Lewis / Age

What is Calfreezy real name?

Callum Leighton Airey
Callum Leighton Airey (born: November 17, 1994 (1994-11-17) [age 27]), better known online as Calfreezy (or simply Freezy), is an English YouTuber who is mainly known for his gameplay videos that often feature the Sidemen.

How old is w2s?

25 years (November 24, 1996)Harry Lewis / Age

Where is Cal Freezy from?

Callum Airey, better known online as Calfreezy, is an English Youtuber known for challenge, lifestyle and gaming videos. Callum lived in a house with Wroetoshaw and Callux in Bermondsey, Central London.

Where is Calfreezy parents from?

@DanManHamJam Born in London, Lived in vietnam for 7 years, russia for 1 egypt for 4 scotland for 5 and now london.

How tall is Callux feet?

Callux was born on March 11, 1992, in England. He is around 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall and is 30 years old in 2022.

What is Calfreezy’s accent?

What the Hell Is That Accent?: Has a very distinct accent that is an amalgamation of English, Vietnamese, Russian, Egyptian, and Scottish.

How tall is wrote to Shaw?

His height is around 5’10” (178cm).

What disease does Callux have?

Callum shares his experience of being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, and explains why it’s so important that young people are aware of the symptoms. I was home for the 2016 Christmas break, when my parents pointed out a lump on my neck. I’d got a cold and was run down, so I just ignored it.

What was Callux illness?

Callum had leukemia when he was 5. In JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast, Callum said that he once woke up covered in blood. He then found he had the disease and went through chemotherapy. In the same podcast, Callum stated that his mother was very poor and couldn’t afford a house phone.

Is w2s Irish?

Harry was born in Guernsey, but grew up in Alderney – one of the Channel Islands – until 2004 when his family moved back to Guernsey. He has a younger brother, Josh, and a younger sister, Rosie.

What is Calfreezys nationality?

He was born in England,london.

Does Vik have a brother?

Vik is a British YouTuber who was born in Guildford, Surrey in 1995. At the age of nine he moved with his family to Sheffield. He has two older brothers who have never been seen in videos.

How tall is sideman Harry?

His height is around 5’10” (178cm). He openly puts the milk into a cup of tea first (before the teabag and boiling water). He is a fan of Chelsea Football Club but pretends to be a fan of a large quantity of other clubs.

Can leukemia be cured?

As with other types of cancer, there’s currently no cure for leukemia. People with leukemia sometimes experience remission, a state after diagnosis and treatment in which the cancer is no longer detected in the body. However, the cancer may recur due to cells that remain in your body.

How tall is Harry KSI?

He is the second most subscribed Sidemen member after KSI. His height is around 5’10” (178cm).

What is Calfreezy accent?

How big is Vikkstar?

He is about 5ft 8 in height.