What is another synonym for expansion?

nounincrease in size or effect. addition. augmentation. boost.

What is another synonym for expansion?

nounincrease in size or effect. addition. augmentation. boost.

What is a synonym for claustrophobic?

Words related to claustrophobic confined, cramped, enclosed, limited, airless, narrow, oppressive, packed, pinched, tight.

What’s another word for mind expanding?

What is another word for mind-expanding?

psychedelic hallucinatory
intoxicating mind-altering
mind-bending mind-blowing
mood-altering multicoloredUS
psychoactive consciousness-expanding

What is the synonym of over crowded?

synonyms for over-crowded brimming. crammed. filled. full. jammed.

What is three synonyms for the word expanded?


  • inflated.
  • intensified.
  • magnified.
  • swollen.
  • aggrandized.
  • amplified.
  • augmented.
  • What claustrophobia means?

    Definition of claustrophobia 1 : abnormal dread of being in closed or narrow spaces.

    What does galvanic mean?

    Definition of galvanic 1a : of, relating to, or producing a direct current of electricity a galvanic cell. b : caused by galvanism —used especially of the corrosion of metallic objects as a result of electrolytic action …

    What does broaden the mind mean?

    : to increase the range of one’s knowledge, understanding, or experience Travel can help to broaden your horizons/mind.

    What word describes a situation in which a place is crowded with people or vehicles so that it is difficult to move around?

    Definition of ‘jam’

    What do you mean by overrun?

    1a(1) : to defeat decisively and occupy the positions of. (2) : to invade and occupy or ravage. b : to spread or swarm over : infest. 2a : to run or go beyond or past the plane overran the runway. b : exceed overrun a budget.

    What is the adjective for Expand?

    expansive. Able to be expanded.

    What is something that expands?

    balloon, billow, inflate. become inflated. intumesce, swell, swell up, tumefy, tumesce. expand abnormally.

    What is the base word in expanding?

    Expand is a combination of the Latin words ex-, meaning “out,” and pandere, “to spread.” The idea of spreading out was always there, though the current idea of something actually becoming larger was first recorded in the mid-17th century.

    What type of word is expansion?

    Expansion is a noun – Word Type.

    What is Ethnophobic?

    Noun. ethnophobia (countable and uncountable, plural ethnophobias) The irrational fear and hatred of one’s own nation. The hatred of any race or ethnicity different to one’s own.

    What is the real meaning of xenophobia?

    fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners
    Definition of xenophobia : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.