What is a PAF column in epic?

What is a PAF column in epic?

Custom PAF Columns – Expand Epic reporting and screen information/columns beyond what is delivered from Epic. PAF Columns are used on Epic Patient Lists, Trackboards, Reporting Workbench, Cadence, Greaseboards.

What’s the meaning of BDC?


What does INI mean in epic?


Term What is Chronicles? Definition Chronicles is Epic’s database management system and is used by all Epic software applications.
Term What part of Chronicles does the INI field represent? Definition Master File
Term A report is a collection of individual what? Definition Print Groups

Are INI files dangerous?

ini files in Windows are not a script or some kind of dangerous virus that’s going to eat your data. They’re just inert, text files that contain configuration data used by various programs. Most of these files contain data like system file locations, or windows files, required by certain programs to run….

What is Epic HB PB?

The PB/HB Analyst is responsible to resolve technical and application issues and support ongoing workflow and optimization issues. This position oversees the design, configuration, testing and support of Epic Patient Billing.

Why is it so important to have accurate medical billing and coding?

Not only that, but accurate medical billing and coding is important to make sure that patients aren’t left paying more for a procedure than they should, and that they and their insurance are charged for the correct services.

How do I quickly chart in epic?

5 tips to chart faster in Epic

  1. Illness HPI form. Use the “Illness” template in Epic.
  2. Dictate, dictate, dictate (real time) If you have the ability to dictate, dictate.
  3. Minimize your dot phrases. Organize your medical decision making(MDM) with a general dot phrase.
  4. Use floating windows.
  5. Make sure all of your “wrenches” are optimized!

How do you verify a patient in epic?

Click on Patient Station in the Epic Toolbar at the top of your screen. 2. Enter the information you have that identifies the patient uniquely such as the MRN or name and date of birth.

Why is it important to understand anatomy and physiology as a medical coder and biller?

You need to understand anatomy, physiology and pharmacology so that you can accurately enter the codes that apply to specific procedures, diagnoses and treatments. These codes are so highly detailed that they even indicate on which side of the body the procedure is being done….

What does INI mean?


Acronym Definition
INI in and Increment
INI International Nursing Index
INI Integrated Networks, Inc. (various locations)
INI Initialize/Initialization/Configuration file (file name extension)

Why is accurate diagnostic coding so important?

A major factor in maintaining patient records and obtaining proper insurance reimbursement is medical coding. When a claim is coded accurately, it lets the insurance payer know the particular illness or injury and the method of treatment that is necessary.

What is an SER record?

These records, also known as SER records, contain demographic, scheduling, billing, ordering, admitting, attending, and other information relevant to a provider or resource. Maintain an ability to build and configure the navigation components within the text-based administration side of Epic.

What information is gained when verifying eligibility?

the patient’s name and date of birth, the name of the insurance company, the name of the primary insurance plan holder and his or her relationship to the patient, the patient’s policy number and group ID number (if applicable), and….

What dies BDC stand for?

Business Development Center

What is eligibility in HealthCare?

Eligibility relates to the economic qualifications, primarily income, of the health consumer relative to the eligibility criteria, namely insurance coverage, of the service agency; however, our definition expands eligibility to include additional characteristics related to qualifying for health care coverage, such as ……

What is Epic certification worth?

Why waste time and money on a college education when an experienced Certified Epic Analyst without a degree can earn between $85k-$155K annually based on negotiating skills and state of residence. For a consultant, this figure may increase based on the length of the signed contract….

What init means?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Isn’t it?
Type: Word and Abbreviation
Guessability: 1: Easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What is real time eligibility?

Real time eligibility (RTE), aka patient eligibility verification is a technology solution that allows medical staff to electronically verify patients’ insurance coverage for medical treatment. The font desk staff would then contact the insurance provider by phone or fax to verify coverage….

What is verifying the eligibility of services and why is it important?

Insurance eligibility verification and prior authorization is the first and vital step in the medical billing process. It will ensure that the hospital/medical office receives payment for services rendered and will help determine the patient’s share of the hospital’s charges referred to as the patient’s responsibility.

What does BDC stand for in epic?

Denial/Correspondence (BDC)

Is MyChart part of epic?

MyChart is a web portal offered by most Epic healthcare organizations that gives you controlled access to the same Epic medical records your doctors use and provides convenient self-service functions that reduce costs and increase satisfaction. You can even upload medical documents.

What does BDC mean?


Acronym Definition
BDC Business Development Consultant (various companies)
BDC Business Development Company
BDC Banque de Développement du Canada
BDC Business Development Center

Why is it important to obtain accurate patient billing information?

The billing process is vital to the existence and financial health of a medical practice or facility – such as a hospital. So its important to have accurate patient insurance information, data of birth, address, etc. And there’s usually a lot of lost revenue when these the patient accounts are not kept up.

What does Y N mean in Harry Potter?

just your average witch

What is the difference between verifying eligibility status and verifying insurance benefits?

What is the difference between verifying eligibility status and verifying insurance benefits? Verifying eligibility determines whether patient has health insurance coverage and whether they can receive benefits during the proposed time period. Verify insurance benefits, verify if the purposed service is covered.

How do I verify patient insurance eligibility?

Just look at the patient’s insurance card. The card provides phone numbers for members and providers to call. By calling the appropriate number, you can get a summary of plan benefits. Most commercial payers also have websites that enrolled providers can use to verify benefits and eligibility.