What is a disadvantage of observation?

What is a disadvantage of observation?

Time consuming and may involve large amount of inactivity. Observations may lack depth and qualitative richness. If the ethics are not handled well, legal action can be taken.

What is the main advantage of the observation method?

The main advantage of observation is its directness. We can collect data at the time they occur. The observer does not have to ask people about their behavior and reports from others. He or she can simply watch as individuals act and speak.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of observation?

But in observation the observer can directly check the accuracy from the observed. He can apply various devices to test the reliability of their behaviour. So very often the data collected through observation is more reliable than these collected through interview or questionnaire.

What is a major disadvantage of the observation research method?

A principal disadvantage of participant observation is its very time-consuming nature. Participant observers must make major attemtps to control their biases, which may heavily influence what they observe, record, and interpret.

How does peer observation improve teaching?

Peer observation is about teachers observing each others’ practice and learning from one another. It aims to support the sharing of best practice and build awareness about the impact of your own teaching. focuses on teachers’ individual needs and gives an opportunity to learn from, and give feedback to peers.

What are some different strategies for successful peer observation?

10 Tips For a Successful Peer Observation

  • Research the peer observation process for your district.
  • When choosing your peer to observe, pick someone who is doing something you’re interested in.
  • Be creative in who you consider a colleague.
  • Ask if you can observe one teacher in the morning and one in the afternoon to make the best use of your day.