What is 112 UCAS points equivalent to A levels?

Examples of grade combinations – A level grade

What is 112 UCAS points equivalent to A levels?

Examples of grade combinations – A level grade

A level grade Tariff points
ABB 128
BBB 120
BBC 112
BCC 104

How many UCAS points is 34 IB points?

UK Aggregate Grade Equivalency

UK aggregate grade equivalent
UCAS points (A Levels) 420 320
International Baccalaureate (IB) 43 34
European Baccalaureate (EB) 92+ 76+
Access Diploma 75

Is a * ab equivalent to AAA?

In points terms, yes. In terms of meeting the Conditions laid down by your chosen university, not necessarily. Some universities make offers based on total UCAS points, others on specific grades. If yours required A*AB and you get AAA, then you haven’t met that Condition.

WHAT IS A * AA in A levels?

What does A*AA mean (A-levels)? It means that in order to do a BA in Economics at that university, you will need three A levels, with an A* for at least one of them, and the other two at grade A level (or better, of course – they won’t mind if all three are A*!).

Is ABC the same as BBB?

Some express offers in terms of UCAS points rather than grades, and as ABC is worth the same as BBB, that would be fine. If they specified a B in the subject most relevant to your proposed university subject, and you got only a C, then no, they might hold the line and say No.

Does EPQ give UCAS points?

The EPQ is awarded UCAS points worth half an A-level and is recognised by universities and employers; some leading universities, such as Southampton University, make alternative offers to students undertaking an EPQ.

Is ABC equivalent to BBB?

Instead of asking for grades (e.g. BBC), a university may express the offer as 112 points. The more traditional universities are more likely to make an offer stipulating grades and not points. Also, universities may not, for example, consider BBB at A level to be the same as ABC at A level.

How are IB points calculated?

IB subjects are graded on a 1- 7 scale with 7 being the highest score. The maximum points that can be awarded to an IB Diploma student is the full score of 45 with 42 points generated across the 6 subjects and 3 bonus points derived from Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

How many A levels is the IB equivalent to?

In the higher level individual courses 7 is equivalent to A Level A* and 3 equivalent to E. In the standard level individual courses, 7 is equivalent to AS Level A and 3 equivalent to E….IBO Certificate in Theory of Knowledge.

Grade Points
A 12
B 10
C 8
D 6

How do you get 3 bonus points in IB?

To get the bonus points, simply read off the points matrix. For example, a grade A for EE and TOK gives 3 bonus points, A and B also gives 3 points. Scoring a D in either EE or TOK gives no points, and is therefore a failing criteria.

Will Oxford accept a * AB?

Examples of qualifications which Oxford commonly accepts are: A-levels: A*A*A to AAA, depending on the course you are applying for. International Baccalaureate: 38-40 points, including core points, and between 776 and 666 in the Higher Level subjects, depending on the course.