What does Hitler say Little Nicky?

Quotes. Hitler : [after seeing a spiky pineapple handpicked by Satan] You’re schnerious.

What does Hitler say Little Nicky?

Quotes. Hitler : [after seeing a spiky pineapple handpicked by Satan] You’re schnerious.

Who played Hitler in Little Nicky?

Christopher Carroll
Plot. With his 10,000 year reign coming to an end and after torturing Adolf Hitler (Christopher Carroll) by shoving a pineapple up his rump, Satan (Harvey Keitel) must decide which of his three sons will succeed him as ruler of Hell.

Who is the midget on Little Nicky?

Tom Lister Jr.
Tom Lister Jr. Cassius (as Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr.)

Who is the cross eyed guy in waterboy?

Jonathan Loughran
Jonathan Loughran: Lyle Robideaux.

What does Quentin Tarantino have to do with Little Nicky?

‘Little Nicky’ (2000) Tarantino played an eccentric, blind preacher in this Adam Sandler comedy, and appeared in several slapstick-laden scenes in which his character can sense Nicky is from hell and gets himself into more and more accidents. It’s a cameo very suited to the film, and Tarantino clearly gives it his all.

Who plays the bulldog in Little Nicky?

Robert Smigel
Beefy is a Bulldog from Hell and the deuteragonist from the fantasy comedy movie Little Nicky. He is an close friend of Satan and Little Nicky’s pet dog and sidekick. He is voiced by Robert Smigel.

Did Adam Sandler wear a wig Little Nicky?

After some years doing set work, he was introduced to Adam Sandler by makeup artist Ann Pala Taylor and crafted a wig for the funnyman’s 2000 vehicle “Little Nicky.” Real apparently tressed to impress: He’s been the comedian’s mane man ever since.

Was Quentin Tarantino in Avengers?

“It felt pretty good!” Quentin Tarantino on ‘appearing’ in The Avengers, Team America and Shrek.

Does Quentin Tarantino cameo in all his movies?

Let’s take a look. Quentin Tarantino has appeared in almost every movie he has made, either as a proper character or in voice cameos – and here’s every one of them.

What breed is Mr Beefy?

Boston Terrier – Mix
Mr. Beefy

Adopted 08/12/2016
Breed Boston Terrier – Mix
Sex Male
Color White, Black
Age 5 years

Is meatball still alive?

Meatball passed away from a heart attack in 2004, which brought over 100 guests to his funeral at Sandler’s house. Sandler also gave out t-shirts with Meatball’s face on them. His second bulldog Matzo Ball was adopted in 2003 and passed away in 2008.

How does Adam Sandler feel about Little Nicky?

There’s a lot of funny stuff in there, though, and not a little of it is sexual innuendo. “The sexual stuff is goofy,” Sandler concedes. “I don’t think any man watching this movie gets an erection. I’ve seen movies where I’ve had full-on erections, and I was excited about having the erection…