What did Dunlap do that surprised Opal?

How does Dunlap surprise Opal at the end of the book? He surprises Opal by putting his hand out and says, “Let’s race.” Tell me some character traits about Opal.

What did Dunlap do that surprised Opal?

How does Dunlap surprise Opal at the end of the book? He surprises Opal by putting his hand out and says, “Let’s race.” Tell me some character traits about Opal.

What did Opal have to promise Gloria in order for her to agree to her idea?

In order for Gloria to agree to Opal’s idea she had to promise her that she would invite the Dewberry boys to the party.

Why did Gloria Dump want opal to plant a tree?

Case in point: Gloria tells Opal to plant a “wait-and-see tree,” in order to find out if she’s got a green thumb like her mom (10.12). This tree winds up symbolizing much more to Opal (read the discussion of the “Wait-and-See Tree” in Symbols).

Why did Gloria Dump want opal to tell her everything about herself?

She makes peanut butter sandwiches for Opal, and shares a spoonful with Winn-Dixie. Gloria can’t see much at all, so she instructs Opal to tell her everything about her so that she can see her with her heart.

What advice did Gloria give Opal?

What advice did Gloria Dump give Opal before she left to look for Winn-Dixie? “It’s better to just let the dog stay lost.” “You can only love what you got while you got it.”

How did Winn Dixie change Opals life?

Winn Dixie lets Opal open up paths for her friends too with Gloria Dump. Winn Dixie ran to Gloria’s yard one day and Opal new Gloria was the wise one. She helped Opal judge with her Heart. With that advice from Opal, she helped Otis the pet store keeper get more known not being shy.

Why can Opal sympathize with Winn-Dixie?

Winn-Dixie’s love for Opal gives her the confidence to share herself with other people and open herself up to their love. Winn-Dixie also coaxes a softer and more approachable side out of the preacher, which makes Opal see him differently and feel more affection toward him.

Is Littmus W block real?

Littmus Lozenges are a fictional candy mentioned in the children’s book “Because of Winn-Dixie” by Kate DiCamillo. In the book, the candies are made by Littmus W. Block, and they contain sorrow as a key ingredient. “Because of Winn-Dixie” was published in 2000 and was adapted into a movie in 2005.

Why did Littmus W block build a candy factory?

Block figured the world was a sorry affair and that it had enough ugly things in it and what he was going to do was concentrate on putting something sweet in it” (111). He goes to Florida and builds a candy factory.

What surprise does Opal have for Gloria Dump?

When Opal arrives at Gloria’s house, she tells Gloria that she has two surprises for her: a big surprise and a small one. Gloria says she wants the small surprise first, so Opal gives her a Littmus Lozenge. Gloria remembers the candies—her father used to eat them.

Why did Opals throw a party?

Expert Answers Opal begins reading and relays that “Scarlett was looking forward to going to a big barbecue.” It’s then that Opal gets the inspiration to throw a party in Gloria’s yard to ease everyone’s loneliness: her own, her father’s, Otis’s, Gloria’s, Miss Fanny’s, and even Sweetie Pie’s.

Why did Otis go to jail?

Otis confides that he was sent to jail because he played his music out on the street. Otis loves to play his guitar, but he thinks that music is best played for an audience. So he would play his music on the street for everyone to hear. Otis was arrested and sent to jail, where he did not have access to his guitar.

How did Sweetie Pie respond to the candy Opal gave her?

Sweetie Pie Thomas comes into the store, and Opal also gives her a Littmus Lozenge, but Sweetie Pie spits out the candy. She says it does not taste good and it reminds her of not having a dog.

How did India Opal get her name?

Her first name comes from the fact that her dad was a missionary in India before she was born. Her second name was her mother’s name. You can find this fact right at the beginning of Chapter 2.

What was one reason Opal suddenly didn’t feel so lonely in Naomi anymore?

What was 1 reason Opal suddenly didn’t feel so lonely in Naomi anymore? She had received from Sweetie Pie her 1st invitation to a party.

Why does Opal tell Gloria a story?

She wants to know 10 things about her mom. Opal told Gloria Dump that she is mad at her mom and thinks her mom does a lot of bad things.

What animal does Opal compare her father to?


What is Opal feeling at the end of Chapter 11?

He feels sorry for them being caged and it makes them happy.

What kept Opal from sticking her tongue out at the Dewberrys?

What caused Opal to NOT stick her tongue out at the Dewberry boys on her way to Gloria Dump’s house? She thought about what Gloria said on not judging them too hard. She thought she’d get a spanking if she did. They waved to her first.

What was opals daily routine?

Describe Opal and Winn-Dixie’s daily routine. Opal and Winn-Dixie’s routine consisted of them waking up early and going to work at the pet store. After finishing work they would walk over to the library to talk to Miss Franny and listen to her stories.

Why does opal get mad at Stevie?

Why does Opal get mad at Stevie? He tells her that Gloria is a witch and tells her what his mom said about her. She doesn’t have a mom and she knows that Otis isn’t what they say.

What is Opal’s main problem?

What is Opal’s MAIN problem in the beginning of the story? She is lonely because she just moved to town and does not have friends besides Winn-Dixie yet. What did Miss Franny’s father give her for her birthday? Miss Franny’s father gave her a library when she was a little girl.

Why did Sweetie Pie spit out the Littmus lozenge?

Her youth, however, means that she’s not interested in acknowledging sad things. When offered a Littmus Lozenge (candies which cause older characters to reflect on the sadness that’s inherent to life), Sweetie Pie spits it out and insists it doesn’t taste good.

What causes Opal to be sad as she eats the Littmus lozenge?

What causes Opal to be sad as she eats the Littmus Lozenge? Opal is sad when she eats the Littmus lozenge because she had to leave her friends in Watley and because the Dewberry boys pick on her. Most of all, she is sad that her mom left her when she was young.

Is Because of Winn Dixie a true story?

The book Because of Winn-Dixie is not a true story. It is a novel and is fiction. The story in the book was completely imagined by its author, Kate…

What is Winn Dixie afraid of?

Winn-Dixie is so afraid of the thunder and lightning that he wakes up Opal by whining and beating his head against her bedroom door.

What kind of sandwiches did Gloria and Opal make for the party?

Because of Winn Dixie – Part 3

What kind of sandwiches did Opal and Gloria make for the party egg salad sandwiches
What did Gloria call the punch they made Dump Punch
What did Franny bring to the party Litmus Lozenges
What did Sweetie bring to the party pictures of dogs

How old is India Opal in Because of Winn Dixie?


Why did Opal name the dog Winn Dixie?

She said that it was her dog and named it Winn-Dixie. She named it Winn-Dixie because he (Winn-Dixie) would want to get called by a name, so Opal just called him (Winn-Dixie). She told the preacher about a dog she had found at the gorcery store.

Why was Winn Dixie banned?

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo – Banned or challenged for “profanity.” Born to Rock by Gordon Korman – Banned or challenged for use of “profanity.”