What are the major themes of Bholi?

What are the major themes of Bholi?

The major theme of the story Bholi is the impact of family on children. Bholi is a little girl who fails to develop self-confidence because of her parents’ attitude towards her. The story hints at why family support and emotional security are essential for proper child development.

How was Bholi treated in the family?

Answer: her parents called her a cow and treated her as one. she was always left out, pushed aside and the old dresses of her sister were passed on to her. New clothes had never been made for Bholi.

For what unusual reasons is Bholi sent to school?

Bholi is sent to school because there is little chance of her getting married because of her ugly face and lack of sense. Also her father has to send her as the village headman has commanded him to do so.

Why was Bholi sent to school and what was the result?

Bholi is sent to school because her parents thought that there is little chance of her getting married, with her ugly face and lack of sense.

Why do police parents accept December marriage proposal?

Bholi’s parents felt that if they did not accept Bishamber’s proposal, she might remain unmarried all her life. Her mother said they were lucky that Bishamber was from another village and hence, did not know about Bholi’s pock-marks and her lack of sense. Hence, Bholi’s parents accepted the marriage proposal.

Why did Bholi at first agree?

Answer: Bholi agreed to the match at first to fulfill her parents’ wishes. Later on, she rejected the marriage when the bridegroom asked for dowry. This tells us that Bholii was not a timid and dumb girl. She was aware of her rights.

Why did Bholi find the school a different place?

In the story, Bholi believed that the school was a different place for her. She felt that in school she was treated better. That place was different because over there she was given a good treatment. She was bathed and dressed well in that school.

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What made Bholi happy in school?

Bholi had many apprehensions about going to school. She remembered how their old cow, Lakshmi, had been turned out of the house and sold. When she got a clean dress, was bathed and her hair were properly done with oil,only then she felt that she was going to a better place than her home.

At what age Bholi begin to speak?

five years

What was Bholi’s real name *?


What did he demand as dowry?

“Dowry” in the sense of the expression contemplated by Dowry Prohibition Act is a demand for property of valuable security having an inextricable nexus with the marriage, i.e., it is a consideration from the side of the bride’s parents or relatives to the groom or his parents and/or guardian for the agreement to wed …

How was Bholi’s first day at school?

Bholi found everything new at the school. She felt glad to see many girls of her age present there. She was fascinated by the bright colours of the pictures on the walls. She cried when she kept stammering on being asked her name.

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What made Bholi agree to the unequal match?

At first, Bholi had agreed to marry an old man because of her father’s honour, thereby placing her family’s interest over her own. However, she later refused to marry him because she saw how mean, greedy and contemptible he was. This is why she rejected the marriage and silenced everybody else who called her shameless.

Was Bholi happy to go to school how can you say?

Answer:Yes, Bholi has a great time on the first day of her school. She is glad to find many girl of her age present there. She hopes that pne of these girls might become her friend. She finds her teacher caring and loving for her.

Why do Bholi’s parents?

Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal because they think if they don’t accept it, she would not be married for the rest of her life. Moreover, they don’t have to pay him dowry.

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