What are the dimensions of the Big Green Egg?

Misc. Specs

What are the dimensions of the Big Green Egg?

Misc. Specs

Width (in.) 22
Fuel Type Charcoal
Height (in.) 31
Depth (in.) 27
Appliance Color Green

What is the diameter of the XL Big Green Egg?

With the XLarge’s 61 cm diameter cooking area, big chunks of meat, fish or several pizzas at a time are not a pipe dream, but a reality.

How big is the MiniMax Big Green Egg?

Opening the MiniMax dome reveals a stainless steel cooking grid measuring 13 inches/33 cm in diameter for a whopping 133 square inches/855 cm2 of cooking area … all within a convenient 19.5 inch/50 cm height!

Is Big Green Egg better than Kamado?

While there isn’t any difference in the build quality of the central oven bodies of the BGE line vs. the Kamado Joe line, the latter does have better quality components and accessories that are included with the grill as standard.

What is the smallest Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg Mini is the smallest and lightest member of the Big Green Egg family. It is ideal for camping, or to take on a boat trip or picnic.

Can you smoke on the Big Green Egg MiniMax?

The MiniMax Big Green Egg Charcoal Grill is a versatile grill and can be used as a grill, oven, or smoker. The Big Green Egg reaches cooking temperature and is ready to use in just minutes and you can cook up to 6 hours without refueling!

Will Big Green Egg crack in cold weather?

You have nothing to fear with your Big Green Egg. At Townley, many of us cook on our EGGs through the coldest and stormiest of days. Not only will your EGG not crack, but you can cook low n’ slow, and you can set your EGG as hot as you’d like without having to worry that it will crack.

Do Big Green EGGs rust?

Major Differences The BGE uses cast iron for the grill vent, and this means that it can rust on the outside.

What are the dimensions of the small green egg?

The Small EGG is an easy fit for smaller patios and balconies, and is able to prepare four burgers or chicken breasts at a time….Big Green Egg Warranty.

Free Shipping No
Color Green
Cooking Grate Dimensions 13″
Main Grilling Area (Sq Inches) 133
Total Grilling Area (Sq Inches) 133

Is Small Big Green Egg big enough?

Big Green Egg has been producing these Kamado Style grills for decades. This one is the smaller of their models but is big enough to cook one 12-pound turkey.

Is the Big Green Egg safe on a balcony?

But it has to be admitted, we do covet a particular soft spot for our Big Green Egg MiniMax: the compact kamado with max performance. The little kamado holds its own in your back garden, but is the perfect barbecue for use on your balcony or roof-top patio, too.

Can you have a green egg on a balcony?

The Big Green Egg Small is the perfect addition to balconies and small patios in the city. The Small may be compact, but with it, you can easily cook stellar meals for 4 to 6 people.

How many years does a Big Green Egg Last?

A Big Green Egg can be heated at least 100,000 times without suffering a loss in its quality, which means that an EGG will last you, at least, a lifetime, allowing you to cook ingredients and dishes in a healthy way and with exceptionally delicious results for days on end.

Can I cook on the Big Green Egg in the rain?

BIG GREEN EGG: THE ULTIMATE COOKING EXPERIENCE Big Green Egg ceramics will withstand temperatures beyond 2000°F without damage. You can use your EGG in any weather – sun, rain, snow, or sub-zero temperatures. The Big Green Egg is unequaled as a grill, a smoker, and an oven.

Is there a small green egg?

The Small Big Green Egg is an easy fit for smaller patios and balconies. It is able to prepare four burgers or chicken breasts at a time. The Small Big Green Egg is often used as a companion for the 2XLarge, XLarge, Large or Medium EGG to allow the preparation of several courses at once.

What is the most popular size Big Green Egg?

Green Egg Large
Big Green Egg Large Of all the various sizes of the Big Green Egg, the Large is by far the most popular one. The reason is simple. You can cook meals for quite a big group on it, for example, 10 persons, and every conceivable cooking technique is possible with the Large.

Can a Big Green Egg sit on granite?

Although a concrete paver block (non-porous) or granite tile can be used to support the EGG when housed in a table or built-in, it is recommended that these be sufficiently thick for proper heat protection.

Can Big Green Egg cause a fire?

NEVER attempt to use the handle or hinge assembly as a personal support or grab-rail, and never allow children to play near an EGG. Wind gusts can spread hot charcoal or cinders, creating a fire hazard, and in extreme cases a gust of high wind may cause the dome to tip backward, possibly causing damage or injury.

Does Big Green Egg Crack?

All Big Green Egg Fire Boxes are manufactured with a vertical cut that runs straight up from the draft opening – this is not a crack. This cut allows for repeated heat expansion and contraction without putting stress on the ceramics.