Is the Villages in Florida rich?

Is the Villages in Florida rich?

The Villages’ median family income is $53,895 while Lake’s is $49,734. The median income across the state is $55,462. Sadly, however, The Villages ranked No. 1 in the places where working full-time won’t lift you from poverty.

What is so special about the Villages in Florida?

The Villages in Florida is Unique The Villages covers over 30 square miles which is over 20,000 acres. There are over 500 holes of golf to play, and over 100 miles of cart paths. The paths aren’t just for golfing, because travel by golf cart is a main mode of transportation in the sprawling private community.

How much does it cost per month to live in the villages florida?

$807 to $1,262 per month
What you’ll pay per month to live in the Villages, FL. Now, after crunching numbers for all of the expenses listed above, you should expect to pay at least $807 to $1,262 per month to live in The Villages, Florida, based on your housing selection and the costs that come with it.

Do you have to be 55 to buy in the villages florida?

The Villages ranks as America’s top-selling, master planned community for active adults who are 55 years old and over. In 2020, The Villages was recognized for the 11th consecutive year as the number one active, adult community in The United States.

What family owns The Villages in Florida?

Mark Morse and his sisters, Jennifer Parr and Tracy Mathews, received ownership of The Villages after their father’s death in 2014. Morse leads the company; his sisters are senior executives.

What is the oldest village in The Villages?

The Oldest Villages Town Square – Spanish Springs Town Square

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  • Spanish Springs Town Square.

Why is The Villages so popular?

Today, The Villages is known for having the largest and most diverse collection of amenities of any community on the planet. Residents have access to an amazing collection of golf courses, recreation centers, and town squares, as well as an unparalleled number of clubs covering just about any topic you can imagine.

Who owns The Villages in FL?

Gary Morse, the son of the original owner, transferred most direct ownership in the company to his three children in 2006; Morse died in 2014….The Villages, Florida.

The Villages
• Total 33.95 sq mi (87.94 km2)
• Land 32.65 sq mi (84.57 km2)
• Water 1.30 sq mi (3.37 km2)
Elevation 75 ft (23 m)