Is Shimano Nexus 7 any good?

Is Shimano Nexus 7 any good?

The Shimano seven-speed hub gear is superbly practical and fuss-free, with a wide enough range of gears that it’ll suit even fairly hilly terrain. Bolt-up hubs help deter thieves but you’ll have to carry a 15mm spanner, just in case. There are rack/mudguard eyelets on production models.

What are roller brakes?

A roller brake is a modular cable-operated drum brake manufactured by Shimano for use on specially splined front and rear hubs. Unlike a traditional drum brake, the Roller Brake can be easily removed from the hub.

How do you maintain an internal gear hub?

The internal parts should not really need maintenance as long as there’s enough grease on the dust caps to keep the water out, but if you ride in very dirty conditions (snow, slime, salt and gravel) you should at least prepare it before the first winter or do a maintenance after the first year to make sure it’s all …

Do roller brakes wear out?

The brake is worn out when the cable cannot be adjusted to apply the brake fully, or will not retract. Shimano has a wear measuring tool. See the maintenance manual in the list above for details. If a Rollerbrake is worn out, the entire main assembly must be replaced.

Are Shimano roller brakes any good?

Shimano Multi-Condition roller brakes seem to divide opinion, with some users liking their all-weather commuting capability even as others damn them for limited effectiveness, erratic performance, and finicky service requirements.

Are hub gears good?

Generally, hub gears have a long-life span and are usually maintenance free. The advantage of a hub gear is that you can shift gears when stationary. Hub gears allow you to change the gears from top to bottom whilst motionless, which is useful for urban riders who want to change gears at traffic lights.

How do you lubricate a Sturmey Archer hub?

Lubrication. The ideal rule for lubrication should be ‘a little but often’. Two or three drops of oil every week will maintain the hub in first class running order.