How to Recharge MTS?

About MTS

How to Recharge MTS?

About MTS

  1. How to get an online MTS data card recharge?
  2. Logon to JRI or to avail MTS data card recharge.
  3. Register yourself and Sign-in.
  4. Enter your data card number.
  5. Select Service Provider as MTS MBlaze.
  6. View MTS MBlaze recharge offers and select your plan.
  7. Click on the Recharge button to receive top-up.

How can I check my MTS MBlaze balance?

MTS MBlaze Plans For All Circles

  1. Dial Customer care at 1800-2000-100.
  2. To check Balance 1. Open the Mblaze UI, then click on the setting , then you click the ‘check my balance’ button.

How can I know my MTS dongle number?

MTS USSD Codes for Balance – SMS and Services

  1. MTS USSD Codes for Balance and Validity: Balance check code: *123# DATA Card Balance check Number: 9875054321.
  2. MTS USSD Codes for Customer Care: Voice Care No: 199. Data Care No.: 199.
  3. MTS USSD Codes for Services and Offers: For activating internet pack offer: *109*210#

How can I recharge my mobile number?

Recharge your prepaid mobile phone

  1. Step 1: Add your number. Open Google Pay . From the bottom of the screen, swipe up. Tap New. Recharge Prepaid Mobile.
  2. Step 2: Recharge your account. Choose a type of recharge: Pay a custom amount: Tap Search. . Enter the amount that you’d like to recharge.

Which is best BSNL prepaid plan?

Best BSNL Recharge Plans with Data and Unlimited Calling Benefits

  • Rs 87 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 99 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 118 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 147 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 184 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 185 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 186 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 187 BSNL Recharge Plan.

Why is MTS closed?

The company provided wireless voice, broadband Internet, messaging and data services in India. MTS India was acquired by Reliance Communications (RCom) on 14 January 2016 in an all stock deal, in which SSTL received a 10% share in RCom. SSTL was merged into RCom on 31 October 2017.

Why was MTS closed in India?

MTS was forced to take this decision because the Supreme Court of India, in February 2012, canceled SSTL’s 21 licenses in connection with the 2G scam.

How can I know my MTS data card number?

What is MTS mobile number code?

To know your MTS mobile number: Type NUM and send SMS to 51230, you’ll get a response SMS with your mobile number.

Is MTS dongle closed?

India’s CDMA story is over, as RCom announced the completion of the acquisition of MTS India network. It seems to be an end of Indian telecom, as the CDMA network of MTS is to be shut down by 30th of November 2017.

What is Prepaid Mobile recharge?

A Prepaid mobile service is one that you pay for upfront when you purchase a SIM Starter Kit or a recharge. You pay a certain amount of money before you start using the service, which is converted into mobile credit used for: Making calls. Sending text messages. Using mobile data.

How can I recharge my prepaid meter with token number?

Steps to load your purchased prepaid meter token.

  1. Input the 11 digit meter number and wait for some seconds.
  2. Input the 20 digit token to activate your prepaid meter (just input the 20digit and wait).
  3. On request, your vendor will send 20digits code in two places.
  4. Input the 11 digit meter number.
  5. Input the first 20 digit.

What is the BSNL 3month validity recharge plan?

BSNL 3 Month Plan

Name of Recharge Plan Price Validity
PV 399 399 80 days
Digital India STV 429 81 days
PLAN 485 485 90 days
Sixer Plan 666 120 days