How much does marble repair cost?

Restoring marble typically costs around $2 per square foot. Because marble can be subject to stains, there’s usually an associated chemical cleaning, which averages around $0.60 per square foot.

How much does marble repair cost?

Restoring marble typically costs around $2 per square foot. Because marble can be subject to stains, there’s usually an associated chemical cleaning, which averages around $0.60 per square foot.

Can damaged marble be repaired?

A cracked marble slab, with sentimental value, can easily be repaired by the handy homeowner: Check the edges to make sure they are clean. Using a grinder, cut biscuit grooves to strengthen the join. Apply 2-part epoxy adhesive to both sides.

How do you fix ruined marble?

  1. Prepare a solution of 1 tsp.
  2. Dampen a soft, clean cloth in the stone soap solution.
  3. Moisten a second soft, clean cloth with plain warm water.
  4. Dry the damp marble with a soft, clean towel.
  5. Buff the scratched marble in circular motions with a dry, super fine grade steel wool pad.

Can marble floors be restored?

There is hope for a damaged marble floor, though. You can restore the floor to its original glory. With a bit of manual labor you can restore your floor’s finish, repairing the surface and buffing a shine into it that makes the marble look as good as it did on the day it was installed.

How much does it cost to reseal marble?

Average Cost of Resealing Stone The price of resealing costs $0.50 to $2 per square foot. Professional restorers finish the project by adding a sealer to the floor or counter. The sealant helps prevent future stains and protects the shine.

Can you repair cracked marble top?

A crack is easier to deal with, but either way, you should be able to get reasonably good results by using an acrylic-epoxy adhesive tinted to approximately match the stone. Get a knife-grade adhesive, which means it has a putty-like consistency. That’s a lot easier to control than a free-flowing liquid.

How much does it cost to refinish a marble countertop?

Marble Resurfacing Cost Professional resurfacing for marble countertops ranges from about $4 to $20 per square foot, including $2 to $7 per square foot for polishing and sealing. Because marble is a natural stone like granite, many DIY repair kits for small chips and cracks cost the same as they do for granite.

How do you touch up marble?

Your fabricator can do this with an epoxy, but it is usually a pretty obvious repair. You can do-it-yourself with a color-matching epoxy as well, but these require mixing, can be messy and difficult to use, color never quite matches and again, leave an obvious marble repair.

How do I clean or repair marble?

Never use vinegar to clean marble as acidic substances etch and dull marble surfaces. Clean marble surfaces with a pH-neutral dish soap or clear ammonia diluted with water. You can use acetone on dark marble or hydrogen peroxide on light marble for those stubborn stains.

Can a cracked marble countertop be repaired?

Marble counter repair is simple, and in most cases you can simply buff out the crack as you would remove a scratch in the surface of a car. For deeper cracks, the repair involves inserting adhesive into the crack, letting it dry and buffing out the roughened surface.

Can I seal marble myself?

Sealing granite or marble can be a ‘Do It Yourself’ project, but only if your stone is not already showing signs of wear-and-tear. If the stone is dull, scratched, stained, etc., the stone needs to be restored by an expert prior to sealing.

How often should marble floors be sealed?

every 12 months
The marble tile should be sealed using a neutral pH breathable sealer after installation. The sealer will need to be reapplied periodically, recommended every 12 months or so.

How do you fix a hairline crack in marble?

Epoxy glue is your best friend when it comes to repairing minor cracks in a marble tabletop. Since most marble has variegated color, it is easy to disguise repair jobs. When dealing with a hairline crack, use a clear epoxy to fill in the gap and sand it smooth afterward with a fine-grit sandpaper.

How do you repair a marble floor?


  1. Before you can repair a crack, you need to clean the marble. Using a brush, make sure to remove dirt, grime, and any shavings off the damaged area.
  2. The next step is to fill the crack with grout.
  3. Make sure you fill in any patchy areas and level out the surface before putting on a finishing layer of polyurethane.

How do you make marble look new again?

Wipe your marble with a soft dry rag to remove dust and crumbs, then wet the surface with a damp sponge. Next, apply a manufacturer-approved commercial marble cleaner or, alternatively, add a couple of drops of mild, nonabrasive dishwashing liquid to your damp rag to use as a cleaner.

Can you use Clorox wipes on marble?

Bleach, vinegar and cleaning products from household names like Clorox and Lysol can all cause irreparable damage to marble countertops. These cleaners, while potentially useful in stopping the spread of disease, can take the luster away from your stone surface and cause etching — a series of dull, permanent scars.

Can you use magic eraser on marble?

Magic Erasers are abrasive, so avoid using them on delicate countertops such as marble and granite. Not only can you damage the sealant but the eraser may make the countertop appear dull. All of these cleaning products can cause more harm than good.