How many golds did GB win 2004?

Chile’s Nicolás Massú defeated the United States’ Mardy Fish in the final, 6–3, 3–6, 2–6, 6–3, 6–4 to win the gold medal in Men’s Singles tennis at the 2004 Summer Olympics….Schedule.

How many golds did GB win 2004?

9 gold
Great Britain finished in tenth position in the final medal rankings, with 9 gold and 30 total medals.

Who won the men’s gold medal in the 2004 Olympics?

Chile’s Nicolás Massú defeated the United States’ Mardy Fish in the final, 6–3, 3–6, 2–6, 6–3, 6–4 to win the gold medal in Men’s Singles tennis at the 2004 Summer Olympics….Schedule.

Date Time Round
Saturday, 21 August 2004 17:00 Bronze medal match
Sunday, 22 August 2004 Final

How medals have Team GB won?

From 1896 to 2020 inclusive, Great Britain & NI has won 918 medals at the Summer Olympic Games, and another 32 at the Winter Olympic Games.

Which British swimmer won a medal at the 2004 Olympics?

Great Britain runner Kelly Holmes won gold in both the 800m and the 1500m. Swimmer Michael Phelps won six gold medals and set a single-Games record with eight total medals and Leontien Ziljaard-van Moorsel became the first female cyclist to earn four career gold medals, reaching a total of six Olympic medals.

How many medals did the 2004 Olympics have?

A total of 10,625 athletes from 201 countries represented by National Olympic Committees participated in these games, competing in 301 events in 28 sports….2004 Summer Olympics medal table.

2004 Summer Olympics medals
Location Athens, Greece
Most gold medals United States (36)
Most total medals United States (101)

Who is the most successful British swimmer?

University of Stirling swimmer Duncan Scott has made history by becoming the most successful British Olympian at a single Olympic Games – winning a record four medals.

Who was on the 2004 Dream Team?

Games of the XXVIIIth Olympiad — 2004

Emeka Okafor F 6-10
Amar’e Stoudemire F 6-10
Dwyane Wade G 6-4
HEAD COACH: Larry Brown, Detroit Pistons

Who did Team USA lose to in 2004?

The team’s loss to Puerto Rico was just the third in U.S. Olympic men’s basketball history. Their two previous losses were both to the Soviet Union (1972 and 1988), with six having been the largest margin of defeat.

How many medals did Team GB win at the last Olympics?

67 medals
In the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Team GB shocked the nation with an amazing 67 medals, which catapulted them into second place in the medal table behind the United States. Team GB finished the tournament with 27 gold, 23 silver and 17 bronze medals.

Who is the best British swimmer?

1. Henry Taylor (1885 – 1951) With an HPI of 61.33, Henry Taylor is the most famous British Swimmer.

What was special about 2004 Olympics?

The 2004 Games marked the first time since the 1996 Summer Olympics that all countries with a National Olympic Committee were in attendance, and also marked the first time Athens hosted the Games since their first modern incarnation in 1896 as well as the return of the Olympic games to its birthplace.

What is the fastest 50 breast time?

Long course

# Time Date
1 27.49 29 March 2001
2 27.39 31 March 2001
3 27.18 2 August 2002
4 27.06 18 April 2009

Is the Olympic swimming 50p worth anything?

How much is the Olympic Swimmer 50p worth? On eBay one seller managed to make as much as £13 on their copy of the coin. It’s not quite the same as the hundreds that others have made on rarer coins in the past, but it is a lot more than face value – so you could profit from a copy of your own.

Who was in 04 Olympic basketball team?


Pos. No. Name
G 4 Allen Iverson (C)
G 5 Stephon Marbury
G 6 Dwyane Wade
F 7 Carlos Boozer

What Dream Team lost in the Olympics?

The team lost its opening game to Puerto Rico by 19 points, which stands as the largest margin of defeat for the U.S. in the Olympics….2004 United States men’s Olympic basketball team.

Head coach Larry Brown
2004 Summer Olympics
Scoring leader Allen Iverson 13.8
Rebounding leader Tim Duncan 9.1
Assists leader Stephon Marbury 3.4

How many medals have Team GB won in Tokyo?

Team GB won a total of 65 medals at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan – the second-best performance EVER! And that meant a fantastic fourth-placed finish in the final medal table. You may have forgotten some of the medal-winning performances.