How many beds does Singapore General Hospital have?

2,000SGH Blocks 6 / 7 / Number of beds

How many beds does Singapore General Hospital have?

2,000SGH Blocks 6 / 7 / Number of beds

What is the difference between B1 and B2 ward?

The status of your outpatient appointments is related to the ward type of your inpatient admission upon discharge. B2 and C ward type inpatient cases will be under subsidised rates for outpatient appointments while A and B1 ward type inpatient cases will be under private rates.

What is standard room in private hospital?

A single occupant room that is 1) classified as higher than the standard single occupant class by the Hospital, or 2) equipped with additional facilities such as private kitchen, dining or sitting room(s) if the Hospital does not have any room categorisation, shall be excluded.

How much is a stay in the hospital Singapore?

Cost of Medical Specialties (Public Hospitals)

Ward Class Average Cost/ Day Total Average Bill
A (1 bed) $1,142 – $1,412 $2,210 – $7,459
B (3-4 beds) $686 – $1,094 $2,830 – $7,876
B2 (6-10 beds) $314 – $439 $1,178 – $3,380
C (open ward) $205 – $319 $1,012 – $2,558

Which is the biggest hospital in Singapore?

Singapore General Hospital
Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first and largest hospital in Singapore.

Which hospital is best in Singapore?

Best Hospitals – Singapore

Rank Hospital City Score
1 Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Singapore 98.0
2 National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore 93.7
3 Gleneagles Hospital Singapore 90.0
4 Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) Singapore 89.9

Is B1 ward private?

Note that this new B1 insurance plan covers only government hospitals. It does not cover private hospitals, regardless of the ward class involved. The claim limits will also increase under the new plan. For most insurance plans that cover C and B2 wards, the maximum claim per day is $700.

How much is ICU per day Singapore?

Singapore Citizen

Class of Ward Accomodation (S$)
ICU $980 $158
Neuro ICU $1085 $188
Day Surgery Centre / Endoscopy Centre / Invasive Cardiac Lab
Type of Service Private (S$) Subsidised (S$)

Is private hospital better than public Singapore?

Along with the above point in favor of private hospitals in Singapore, patients requiring non-emergency care can also expect shorter wait times since private medical facilities allow for appointments. Patients can then show up at the predetermined time to see their doctor, who will be expecting them.

Is SGH or nuh better?

SINGAPORE – Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has fallen five spots in Newsweek magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s best hospitals, but managed to remain in the top 10. SGH was ranked 8th in the survey of 1,600 hospitals in 21 countries, with the National University Hospital (NUH) in 31st place.

What is the most famous hospital in Singapore?

— Nancy Cooper

Rank Hospital City
1 Singapore General Hospital Singapore
2 Gleneagles Hospital Singapore
3 National University Hospital Singapore
4 Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Orchard Singapore

What is B1 ward Singapore?

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Ward Type & Description Rates*
Standard Ward Type B2 Up to 6 beds in a room semi-automated electric bed From S$79 per day
Standard Ward Type B1 4 beds in a room attached bath room and toilet television semi-automated electric bed choice of meals. From S$251.45 per day

How much is a surgery in Singapore?

Inpatient surgery cost (major surgery)

Type of major surgery Public hospital (estimated price range)
Appendectomy $5,000 – $8,000
Coronary Artery bypass surgery $33,000 – $43,000
Inguinal hernia repair $4,000 – $9,000
Knee, hip, shoulder or elbow joint replacement $20,000 – $27,000

Is SGH better than nuh?

Which public hospital in Singapore is the best?

Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

What are the types of wards?


  • CAUSALITY. At the hospital a separate accident & emergency unit functions round the clock to deal with different types of medical and surgical contingencies.
  • CCU.
  • ICCU.
  • SICU.