How good are zoom telescope eyepieces?

How good are zoom telescope eyepieces?

Like a zoom lens on a camera, a telescope zoom eyepiece provides a range of magnifications. This sounds great, but not all zoom lenses are created equal. Some are of poor quality or have such a narrow field of view that I have found them to be undesirable.

Is a zoom eyepiece worth it?

Are zoom eyepieces actually worth it? They’re fine, especially for outreach or travel when you don’t want to use your expensive eyepieces/carry around a ton of stuff. They work better in slower f/ratio scopes (think >f/8).

What is a zoom eyepiece telescope?

A zoom eyepiece is a unique type of telescope eyepiece that has an adjustable focal length, unlike the regular ones that only have a single focal length (8mm, 16mm, 25mm, etc). The focal length in zoom eyepieces can be adjusted simply by turning the barrel while they are still locked to your telescope.

Can you use a zoom eyepiece with a Barlow lens?

Basically, any eyepiece can be used with a barlow provided the the combination doesn’t exceed the useful magnification.

Can you zoom a telescope?

Telescopes do not offer the capability of ‘zooming’ as you understand it from your consumer digital camera.

Can you zoom in on a Celestron telescope?

The Celestron 93230 8 to 24 millimeters 1.25 inch zoom eyepiece allows you to zoom instantly with your scope from 8x magnification to 24x magnification.

Does a Barlow lens decrease quality?

Actually, it doesn’t depend much on the Barlow. All Barlows dim the image in line with the increase in magnification. Back in the 70s and 80s Televue produced a 1.8x Barlow that did dim the image compared to the same magnification produced without the Barlow.

Can you use a Barlow lens with a zoom lens?

Just unscrew (most barlows do) the bottom lense of the barlow and screw it onto your zoom as you would a filter. Used this way, the combo will give you x one and a half and makes it much easier to view through.

What is the best eyepiece to see Jupiter?

Best eyepiece for viewing Jupiter Jupiter looks best in the 100x-200x range for enthusiast-level telescopes.

Are 5x Barlow lenses any good?

Best High-Power: Orion 8715 High-Power 5x This is where the 5x Barlows come in. Using a 5x Barlow can be a wonderful viewing experience. The captured image gets so big and if you have a telescope with enough power you will start seeing details that would be hard to identify even with high-powered eyepieces.

What eyepiece is best for Jupiter?