How fast can a HPI Savage go?

How fast can a HPI Savage go?

With all of this power and durability, the jumping ability of the Savage X 4.6 is unsurpassed by any other monster truck. With a top speed of over 45 MPH, hitting a ramp with something this size must be seen to be believed!

Is the HPI Savage Flux waterproof?

Waterproof Electronics The Savage XS Flux has a waterproof receiver box to keep the 2.4GHz receiver protected from the elements for glitch-free operation.

Is Rovan as good as HPI?

It’s clear that HPI is the most reliable RC Baja when compared to clones including King Motor and Rovan. Click the link if you want to see more about the quality differences between HPI, Rovan and King Motor RC Bajas.

What size motor is in the HPI Savage Flux?

The Savage Flux HP is based on the proven Savage X chassis, and features a low-mounted Flux Tork 2200Kv motor in place of the big-block nitro engine, a powerful Flux Blur electronic speed control in place of the fuel tank, and twin battery boxes to hold a variety of battery types.

Is HPI RC good?

First established in 1986 it has produced notably popular models over the years such as the RS4 Nitro, Sprint 2, Blitz and Firestorm, Savage series and the legendary Baja 5B. Due to their durable and well-designed products, they quickly became one of the most successful and popular RC brands to date.

Where is Rovan made?

I’ve actually been to Rovan’s factory in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China, it was such a good experience. They are such nice people and they were so enthusiastic about the great hobby.

How fast is a Baja 5B?

RE: BAJA 5B HOW FAST Out of the box, the HPI Baja 5B is around 35-38MPH, depends on what you are running on… The Best mod to go faster is changing the stock exhaust muffler for a tuned pipe.. DDM, TGN and Jetpro all make pipes that are great for top end..

When did the HPI Savage 25 come out?

The first Savage 25s were released in late 2003, and the Savage 25 Limited edition showed up sometime late 2005.