How does service learning help the community?

How does service learning help the community?

Service-learning provides students with opportunities to develop civic engagement skills. By working with community members, students can enhance their group, organizational and interpersonal skills. They also can gain important experience working with diverse members of their communities.

Is your community an ideal?

Our Community is an ideal one. Because in our community when it comes to our environment it is clean and carefully organized unlike anything else. Also in every programs regarding to environment or surroundings, in every residence or houses there should be a participant for every programs.

Why is your community not ideal one explain?

Community is a place where people can grow to be better individuals. The community should teach us things about life, and drive us towards having a better future. However, if the community fails to act as one and help the citizens, then, the community failed to fulfill its purpose and thus, is not an ideal one.