How do you write a research interest?

How do you write a research interest?

When the research interest statement is part of your CV, aim for one page, or around 400 words. Pay attention, do not rewrite your CV, but define clearly your research interests. Highlight your scientific skills, your passion, and your ideas!

What does research interest mean?

Research Interest is how we measure scientists’ interest in your research. Metrics are a powerful tool to evaluate science and move it forward. While no single metric can give you the full picture of the impact your research is having, we believe our new Research Interest score can help you complete the picture.

How do you describe a good research?

The main characteristics for good quality research is listed below:It is based on the work of others.It can be replicated and doable .It is generalisable to other settings.It is based on some logical rationale and tied to theory. It generates new questions or is cyclical in nature.It is incremental.