How do I register for TU20 2021?

TU 20

How do I register for TU20 2021?

TU 20

  1. Features: 20 minutes CALL to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text (TNT); Unlimited TEXT to SUN Cellular network; 50 TEXT to other networks; Free Facebook access.
  2. Price: ₱20.
  3. Validity: 3 days.
  4. How to register: send SMS and use keyword TU20 to 247.

How do I subscribe to TU200?

Subscriber can load TU200 via Sun XpressLoad, call cards or by converting their Sun Regular Load by texting TU200 to 247. There is no limit to how many times a subscriber can avail the promo.

How do I check my sun promos?

You may dial *221# for balance inquiry. No, you may use your subscribed WAIS promo even without any regular load. You may avail of Sun Prepaid’s EXTRA offers for additional all-net texts, TRINET calls, or data.

What is TU200 in sun?

Sun TU200 is the cheapest offer coming from Sun Cellular. It offers calls cumulative to 4 hours and unlimited text to fellow subscribers. Also, the Text Unlimited 200 comes with 500 texts to other telecom networks.

How do I register Combo 10 Sun 2021?

Call and Text Combo 10

  1. Promo: 10 minutes calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk ‘N Text. + 50 texts to Sun. + 50 texts to other networks. + Facebook access.
  2. Registration: Text CTC10 to 247.
  3. Validity: 1 Day.
  4. Price: ₱10.

What is TU200 Sun promo?

TU200. 30 days. FB** NonStop Xtra*** 5 Hours Call to Sun/Smart/PLDT.

How do I register Sun Sulit surf plus 249?

Register to Sun Sulit Surf Plus 249 in Two Ways:

  1. By texting the keyword SSP249 or SSP 249 to 247.
  2. By dialing *123# using your Sun smartphone.

What is TU20 in sun?

TU20. 3 days. FB** 20 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT. UNLITEXT to Sun.

How do I register for TU60?

Sun Text Unlimited 60 (TU60) Promo Summary To avail of this promo all you need to do is visit an e-loading station near you and tell the store owner to load you up with TU60. You can also convert your existing regular load by simply texting TU60 promo code on your sun prepaid phone and send it to 247.

What is QuadNet?

The QuadNet Multi-mode Digital Amateur Radio Network is dedicated to advancements in interoperability of digital voice (DV) networks. We are interested in all forms of DV available to the ham radio operator and have implemented connections to most of them.

What is CTU25 in sun?

And to make life even happier, Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers automatically get FREE one day of Unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts after three (3) consecutive days of loading Sun CTU25.

How do I register my c20 in the sun?

Registration. Simply register by texting CU20 to 247!

What is Sun Sulit surf 20?

Sun Sulit Surf Plus 20 Promo Details: 300MB of open access data. Unlimited texts to all networks. Unlimited calls to Sun, Smart, and TNT. Cost: 20 pesos. Validity: 2 days.

What is smart all out surf 99?

Smart’s All Out Surf 99 now gets double allowances. From 1GB, it now has 2GB of data and from 100 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT, it now has 200 minutes. Of course, the unlimited Facebook and texts to all networks are still included. This inclusion is only available until July 10, 2017.

What is CTC50 in sun?

CTC50. 5 days. FB** NonStop Chat*** 70 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT.

What is Sun TU200?