How do I redeem My Coke Rewards codes?

How do you enter Coke cap codes?

How do I redeem My Coke Rewards codes?

How do you enter Coke cap codes?

  1. Make sure you’re logged (Coke’s app or website)
  2. Website: Go to “Rewards” tab & manually enter code.
  3. App: Go to “Experience” tab.
  4. Tap offer you want to use points on.
  5. Tap “Scan Now” at bottom of offer.
  6. Center code in circle.
  7. Tap “Scan” or choose “Enter Code” if needed.

Are Coke codes good anymore?

The answer is no. My Coke Rewards does not still exist. It was phased out in 2017, and a new program was introduced in its place. If you’re looking for to use My Coke Rewards, you won’t be able to because it’s been retired.

Do Coke cans have reward codes?

The codes can be found under the cap of individual bottles, on the cardboard box of 12-packs of cans (in the refrigerator boxes, the codes can be found on the part you tear away to get to the soda), and on multi-pack wraps. See the Coca-Cola website for a full list of participating brands and sizes.

What is going on with Coke Rewards?

On January 24, 2017, The Coca-Cola Company announced that My Coke Rewards will be discontinued. On July 1, 2017, the My Coke Rewards site was closed, and redirected to, where you may still log-in with your previous credentials to participate in exciting offers from all your favorite Coca-Cola brands.

How do I join Coke Panalo breaks?

Participants must type in the 8-digit alphanumeric code found at the back of the label of specially designed Panalo Breaks Participating Products and send the code to Coca-Cola Philippines’ Facebook Messenger account.

How do you redeem a code on Sprite?

How to redeem Sprite Fantasia codes?

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on the Sprite tab.
  3. Now click on the gift code button and enter any of the codes from above.
  4. Click on the redeem button.

Do Coke points expire?

Points expired after 90 days of user account inactivity, meaning a customer must either add points to their account or claim a prize within 90 days to ensure their points do not expire.

Where is the unique code on Coke bottle?

Each Unique Code is located on the back of the label of all specially marked plastic bottles, under the can tab on 440mL cans or inside the carton of multi can packs. The Code is unique to each promotional product label.

Where is the unique code on Sprite?

1) Purchase a Sprite/Coca-Cola/Thums Up/Fanta/Limca Promotion Product. 2) Find the unique code behind the promotion label on the promotion product.

How do you use Fantasia codes in Sprite?

How do I redeem Sprite Fantasia codes?

  1. Open Sprite Fantasia.
  2. Press the Sprite menu next to your player icon.
  3. Tap the gift box.
  4. Press redeem.
  5. Enter your code and touch send.
  6. Enjoy the freebies.