How do I log into AXS?

If you need to sign in, simply click the “Sign In” icon at the upper left-hand corner of You can sign in using your Facebook account or your account.

How do I log into AXS?

If you need to sign in, simply click the “Sign In” icon at the upper left-hand corner of You can sign in using your Facebook account or your account.

How do I get my digital tickets from AXS?

Select AXS Mobile ID as your delivery method when buying tickets (it’s free!), and then follow these simple steps to use them:

  1. Get the AXS app if you haven’t already.
  2. Open the app and sign in to see your tickets.
  3. Show the tickets in the app at the gate and get them scanned to enter.

How do I get AXS tickets without app?

What happens if people do not have the ability to download the AXS App or have a smart phone? If you do not have a smart phone, another way to gain entry to the venue is with the credit/debit card used to make the booking. To use this option, all members of the booking will need to be with the ticket purchaser.

How are AXS tickets delivered?

E-tickets are a delivery method that enables you to print your tickets at home to bring to the event. Your PDF tickets and instructions on how to open the PDF will be sent to the email address you provided us with at the time of your transaction and will be delivered in a separate email from your invoice.

How do I create an AXS account?

In order to set up an AXS account, you will need to go to Click “Sign In” from the menu across the top, and then click on the “Create Account” tab. Please be sure to register with the email address that was used to purchase tickets from Vivid Seats. Make sure you download the AXS mobile app.

Is the AXS QR code my ticket?

To view your AXS Mobile ID tickets click on your initials in the middle. Your AXS Mobile ID ticket will now show up. This is the QR code you will display upon entering the venue. You also have the option of transferring and listing your tickets for sale prior to the event.

Can I screenshot my AXS tickets?

Also – please do not take a screenshot of your ticket. For security, the bar codes changes every 59 seconds. Show your AXS Mobile ID ticket to the Guest Services Representative who will scan it through a hand-held device and admit you to the venue. Enjoy the show!

How long does it take for AXS to deliver tickets?

How long will it take for my virtual event ticket to display in my AXS Account? Processing times will vary depending on your ISP (internet service provider), but typical delivery times are between 1-5 minutes.

How long does it take to receive AXS tickets?

AXS tickets are delivered to AXS accounts within 24-48 hours of the event. After following the instructions provided, your ticket will be displayed as a digital barcode in the AXS app. The event staff will scan this digital barcode to let you and your party into the event.

Do you need an account for AXS?

Your guests will need to create an AXS account to receive tickets. Guests can transfer the tickets back to you if they can’t attend or you can cancel the transfer if they have yet to set up their AXS account. If they already have an AXS account set up the tickets will go in their account automatically.

What is the AXS mobile ID QR code?

With AXS Mobile ID, your one of a kind barcode gets you into the venue quickly. Please have your AXS Mobile ID barcode displayed via the AXS or venue app when you approach the venue entrance, Wifi is available at all entrances, but your ticket will work without wifi in place.

What is an AXS account?

Your AXS Mobile ID is the secure and unique code for all of your tickets, and all you need is the AXS app to use it (iOS or Android). No paper tickets required.

How do I scan a QR code with AXS?

  1. Download the AXS app.
  2. Open the app and click SIGN IN.
  3. Click the TICKETS icon and select your tickets.
  4. Show mobile ticket QR code* to our ticket taker at our entrance/gate to scan.
  5. You’ll receive your paper ticket stub at from the ticket taker.

What is AXS mobile ID QR code?

The AXS Mobile ID option (see left picture below) will bring up the QR code for your NEXT upcoming event. One QR code will contain ALL tickets for that session. Please note that you cannot take a screenshot of your QR codes as codes refresh every 60 seconds and a screenshot will not work.

What does AXS mobile delivery mean?

AXS Mobile Delivery is our digital ticketing technology which provides you with the flexibility and convenience of safely and securely managing your tickets online or in the AXS mobile app.

Why haven’t I received my AXS tickets?

If you haven’t received the email, make sure to check your junk. If you still haven’t received it, please make sure you have disconnected any VPN you might be connected to and click on Resend. You are now signed in! To view your AXS Mobile ID tickets click on your initials in the middle.

How do I contact AXS?

If you feel that a charge has been made to your Payment Method in error, call our helpline or email our customer service department at Our helpline number is 1-888-929-7849.

How do I set up an AXS account?