How do I get MICT SETA accreditation?

Accreditation Process Flow

How do I get MICT SETA accreditation?

Accreditation Process Flow

  1. Provider submits Letter of Intent for Accreditation to QCTO.
  2. Provider obtains referral letter from QCTO and forward it to MICT SETA.
  3. Provider submits PoE to MICT SETA as per requirements.
  4. MICT SETA evaluates PoE (if compliant)

What is MICT SETA accreditation?

The MICT SETA is accredited by SAQA as an Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) Authority. One of the major roles of the MICT SETA ETQA is to ensure that assessments are in line with the principles of National Qualification Framework (NQF), through moderation processes.

Is Seta internationally Recognised?

SETA International Limited We are currently offering internationally accredited NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) courses and a range of bespoke health and safety block courses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

How do I get training accreditation in South Africa?

What you should do

  1. Send a letter of your intention to be accredited as a provider of education and training to the relevant ETQA.
  2. Submit a self-evaluation and application form to ETQA.
  3. If you are not granted accreditation and you feel the process was unfair, you have a right to appeal.

What is MICT SETA NQF Level 5 certification?

NC: Information Technology: Systems Support (NQF Level 5) – Understand the role of technology in the business context. It is assumed that the learner must be competent in skills gained at the further education and training band.

How long does it take to get a Seta certificate?

The SETA will then verify and assess your files once more, they will then communicate with the training provider (ProServ South Africa) if any remediation needs to be done. The verification process may take anything from three to six months and the issuing of certificates may take anything from six months to a year.

What are SETA qualifications?

SETA (Skills Education Training Authority) ​ accredited training entails that a skills development course is approved by one of the 21 industry specific SETAs. ​Therefore, the main benefit for employers is the knowledge that a certain standard has been set and adhered to by the course provider.

Why is SETA accreditation important?

Lastly, providing SETA-accredited training for employees strengthens an employers’ credibility and reputation in their industry and community, as it becomes obvious that they have a well-trained, skilled workforce, and that they care about the welfare of their workers.

What is the difference between accredited and registered?

Registration is mandatory by law, whereas accreditation is voluntary. Registration signifies an institution has the capacity to offer quality education. It does not provide assurances of the quality of educational outcomes. Accreditation is both a process and a status.

What are NQF levels South Africa?

The 10 NQF levels are divided into two parts. Levels 1-4 are linked to basic education….A. General and Further Education and Training Qualifications Sub-Frameworks (Levels 1-4)

  • General Certificate (Grade 9).
  • Elementary Certificate (Grade 10).
  • Intermediate Certificate (Grade 11).
  • National Certificate (Matric).

What is SETA certificate?

What are the 2 disadvantages of SETAs?

You tend not to be connected to your parent company that well. Because of the potential conflict of interest, you need to have nondisclosures in place and in some cases can’t participate in the business development especially for customers you support.

What does accreditation mean for a hospital?

Accreditation is usually a voluntary program in which trained external peer reviewers evaluate a healthcare organization’s compliance and compare it with pre-established performance standards.

Is ISO certification or accreditation?

Basically, ISO certification means that a company meets certain ISO standards, and is provided by a third-party assessment body. In contrast, ISO accreditation means that a company can assess other companies to determine if they meet ISO standards – and issue certifications accordingly.

What NQF level is a medical doctor?

Qual ID Qualification Title Pre-2009 NQF Level
19381 Bachelor of Medicine: Bachelor of Surgery Level 7