How do I contact camp leaders?

(1) 866-803-7643.

How do I contact camp leaders?

(1) 866-803-7643.

Are camp leaders worth?

CampLeaders has a consumer rating of 3.98 stars from 59 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with CampLeaders most frequently mention application process, customer service and best summer. CampLeaders ranks 1st among Camping sites.

How old do you have to be to do Camp America?

18 years or over
You must be 18 years or over before the 1st June of the summer you want to take part in. This is due to visa and insurance regulations that we must strictly follow. You can still start your application and be interviewed before you turn 18 though!

How long is Camp America?

around 9 weeks
The longer you’re available the better but you can expect to be on camp for around 9 weeks from your camp’s start date once hired.

Is Camp America worth doing?

Amazing experience Yes you don’t get paid much, yes you pay more to go than you get paid there but it’s worth it. Working with so many different kids from all sorts of life is amazing. There’s not much time off as well but it’s still worth it.

Do you get drug tested for camp America?

Please also note that some camps undertake random drug testing during the summer. b) Camp America requires all participants including returners to provide criminal background checks (see our website or talk to your interviewer for details).

How much money do you need for camp America?

How much money should I take to the USA? I’ll start by saying that Camp Counselors must have access to at least $300 upon entry to the USA. Support Staff need $1000. This can be in the form of cash, a pre-paid debit card, or a credit card.

Can you be too old for camp America?

Frequently asked eligibility questions. Is there an age limit for summer camp in America? No, there is no upper age limit to work at camp as a counselor. The only age requirement is that you must be 18 by June 1st.

Do camp America pay you?

Your camp will pay you directly as a reward for all your hard work. Camp America will organise and book your flight and make sure you get to camp when needed and help you get back again! Your camp will also pay you directly as a reward for all your hard work and efforts over the summer.

Does camp America look good on CV?

Camp America is not only the best summer you’ll ever have, It also looks great on your CV.

Which summer camp agency is best?

Camp America. The most well known name in the summer camp business, Camp America have been operating for over 40 years helping people from all over the world have the best summer of their life.

How long is a camp America interview?

90 min face to face interview asking various questions about why I think I would be a suitable candidate.

Is it too late to apply to camp America?

a) Late applications will only be accepted for pre-placed applicants up until 15th May (depending on availability of embassy interviews in your country of application). A late application fee may apply for all applications received after 1st March.

Is camp America good for CV?

Camp America is a fantastic way to enhance your CV. You’ll step outside your comfort zone and gain new employability and life skills whilst having the best summer ever. Camp America is a fantastic way to enhance your CV.

How much money do you need for Camp America?

How long is a Camp America interview?

Is Camp America hard to work?

It’s hard work and you don’t get a lot of time off, but most counselors really enjoy themselves! It was over 10 years ago, but I’m still in touch with a lot of the people from that summer. There were loads that liked it so much they came back every summer, including ones from the U.K.

Do you get paid for camp America?

Is AmeriCamp legit?

AmeriCamp is such a nice recruitment agency their placement rate is 100%, they recruit applicants from across the globe to go and work at summer camps in USA. Their management team is so awesome very respectful and good team leaders.

Why should a camp hire me?

Why Should Camp Hire You? This is where you can really stand out from the crowd and explain exactly why you’re the best person for the job. Be honest, professional, and positive. Let them know exactly why you will be a great addition to their team!