How do I add a secondary driver to Turo?

How do I add a secondary driver to Turo?

Adding a driver to a tripLog onto or the Turo mobile app.Open the Trips tab at the top of the screen.Choose Booked from the dropdown menu.Open the trip you’re interested in.Scroll down to the section labeled DRIVERS.Tap Add driver.Enter the email address associated with your additional driver’s Turo account.

How do I send a message on Turo?

Fast Facts:Turo notifies hosts and guests about booking requests and requests to modify trips.Guests cannot message hosts before submitting a booking request.All communication between guests and hosts should happen via Turo messaging.

What are the requirements for Turo?

Requirements in the USAge 18 or older.Social Security number.A text-enabled mobile phone in your name.An auto insurance score that meets our benchmark.A valid permanent license or an acceptable temporary license.

Can you take Turo cars out of town?

outside the 50 United States or Canada if booked in the US or Canada. In the US, guests may drive a vehicle across state lines into other US states. Guests in Canada may also cross province borders into other Canadian Provinces.

Is Turo better than car rental?

While Turo doesn’t claim or try to beat traditional rental car prices, it can be a cheaper alternative. A much wider range of car makes are available and the year models can be up to 10 years old. This was far cheaper than any other car rental available (with essential insurance) in San Francisco.

Does Turo check credit score?

Turo receives insurance scores from the credit reporting agency TransUnion.

What happens if I crash a Turo car?

Fast Facts: We believe your personal auto insurance will not be affected if a guest gets into an accident on a trip for which you’ve chosen a protection plan offered via Turo. Hosts who choose a protection plan made available via Turo will be covered by liability protection in the event their guest has an accident.

Does Turo check your license?

Host instructions: Contactless check-in Message your guest within 24 hours before the trip starts to ask them to check in so you can review their license and confirm their identity. For your protection, we strongly suggest asking for verification photos as close to the trip start time as possible.

What happens if you damage a Turo car?

Turo will send the guest a detailed breakdown of damage costs and charge their payment card on file for any balance owed. Charges will include the cost of appraisal, repairs, and a processing fee of up to $575. Once repairs are complete, hosts should let Turo know so we can relist the vehicle.

Does my personal insurance cover Turo?

Most personal auto insurance policies will extend to a Turo rental just as they would cover a car rental through a traditional rental company, Be sure to double check your coverage and deductible before declining Turo’s insurance options.

What happens if you dont pay Turo?

If you don’t take any action within 72 hours, we’ll charge your payment card on file. Be sure your card has adequate funds to cover any post-trip charges. Guests with an unpaid balance are unable to use Turo until they settle their balance.

Can Turo sue me?

What happens if I file suit against my host or guest? Keep in mind that you waived your right to sue another Turo user when you signed up for Turo and agreed to our Terms of Service. Also, if you were to sue, the Terms allow us to charge you $5,500 in liquidated damages. This is a legally collectible debt.

How do I get my money back from Turo?

After 24 hours, we’ll automatically issue a full refund. Guests who don’t want to rebook and don’t want to wait 24 hours for Turo to issue a refund can follow the instructions in the cancellation email to initiate their refund.

Why can’t I rent cars on Turo?

“We’re sorry, you’re currently unable to book cars on Turo due to our eligibility requirements.” Turo has age, driving, license, and phone requirements you must meet to be eligible to drive. See our eligibility requirements listed by country.

Is there an age limit for Turo?

Our Services are intended solely for persons who are 21 or older, except in the United States where we permit guests age 18 and older to book vehicles. Any use of the Services by anyone that does not meet these age requirements is expressly prohibited.

What’s the most rented car on Turo?

The highest-earning vehicle on Turo? The Tesla Model X. A note about Teslas: the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are understandably popular on Turo, commanding high daily prices and generating significant earnings for hosts.

Can Turo be used for Uber?

So how does this benefit Uber drivers? Rent a car from Turo: As an Uber driver, you can’t use one of these vehicles to drive for Uber/Lyft but you can use it if for your personal needs if your car is in the shop getting repairs for example.

Are there hidden fees with Turo?

Trip cost breakdown Depending on your choices, your trip cost may not include them all. You and the host will agree on the final cost of the trip at or before the trip start. The host will charge those costs to you outside of Turo and won’t appear on your trip cost breakdown at checkout.

Is Turo sketchy?

The answer to this question is yes! Turo does have insurance provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Your car is insured against physical damage, theft, and collision for up to its cash value. You are also covered by a $1 million liability insurance policy provided by the Turo Insurance Agency.

Is Turo worth the risk?

If you are renting out the same car you use to get around, DON’T RENT OUT ON TURO. It just isn’t worth it. The price can vary a lot though because you can give discounts to renters if they rent for a week or a month.