How do G-Star jeans fit?

These jeans fit snug on the lower legs.. tapered. They slither on down the leg, feel smooth and slick! They are strongly made, well sewn, with a good tough denim.

How do G-Star jeans fit?

These jeans fit snug on the lower legs.. tapered. They slither on down the leg, feel smooth and slick! They are strongly made, well sewn, with a good tough denim.

What are G-Star jeans made of?

organic cotton
G-Star uses 100% organic cotton, which one of the company’s sustainability leads told Forbes “doesn’t use any pesticides that are unnatural, synthetic or chemical that, in the end, take away from the soil richness and makes the crop water-intensive.” According to the company, its organic crops are grown from non- …

Who is G-Star owned by?

We’re genuinely excited to welcome Pharrell into the G-Star mission in order to reimagine the future of denim together.” G-Star will expand and continue its partnership with Bionic Yarn. With Pharrell as new co-owner, G-Star’s sustainability initiatives will remain a core focus to innovate the future of jeans.

What is raw denim?

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, refers to jeans that have not been wet, processed, or manipulated in any way before being purchased.

Is G-Star small fitting?

Typically, G-Star clothes run a little smaller than more common (American) brands, so you might want to consider a larger size when you’re ordering.

Is G-Star Shoes true to size?

Fits true to size.

Where are G-Star jeans made?

G-Star RAW Denim Product represents a range of denim styles designed and manufactured according to Cradle to Cradle® design principles at the Gold level. All styles have been produced at Saitex in Vietnam.

How do you wash G-Star jeans?

When washing your jeans, we do recommend washing your jeans inside-out by hand to minimize shrinkage and loss of dye. Try not to use too much soap or detergent and if you must, we recommend Woolite Dark. Flip them back right-side-out and hang them up to dry.

Is G-Star Raw durable?

G-Star RAW’s environment rating is ‘it’s a start’. It uses some eco-friendly materials including organic cotton. It has eliminated hazardous chemicals for most of the final and second stages of production. There is no evidence it minimises textile waste when manufacturing its products.

When was G-Star popular?

G-Star Raw are a Dutch brand based out of Amsterdam who have risen from obscurity in 1989 – when they were created – to become one of the most prominent fashion brands in the world, mixing it with the biggest Italian, British and American brands who have traditionally dominated the fashion landscape.

Why Japanese denim is the best?

High-quality Japanese denim is considered the best because it’s woven on old shuttle looms and made using premium fabrics and natural indigo dyes. The result is often raw selvedge denim, which delivers unique colour, texture, and appearance.

Are Levi’s real denim?

In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis combined quality denim and patented copper rivet reinforcements, creating the first-ever pair of Levi’s® jeans. Real denim, also known as raw denim or dry denim, refers to denim that hasn’t gone through any pre-washing or shrinking processes in production.

Is G-Star denim good quality?

To prove it, G-Star underwent an exacting certification process with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and earned a gold rating for its fabric — the highest ranking any denim has ever received from the third-party sustainability certifier.

Are G-Star returns free?

You can return your item for free, to one of the G-Star Outlet Stores below. Please note: Only items purchased on can be returned to a G-Star Outlet Store.

Do G-Star pants run small?

First off, these g-stars are running AT LEAST two sizes small.

What size is W34 in jeans?

Regular Leg – 32″ Inch

Size Actual Waist Actual Leg
W34 L32 34″/88cm 32″/81cm
W36 L32 36″/93cm 32″/81cm
W38 L32 38″/98cm 32″/81cm
W40 L32 40″/104cm 32″/81cm