How did Tom Creighton die?

How did Tom Creighton die?

It does not take long for the appeal of a soldier’s life to wear off for Tom, though, and he is killed in the battle at Pittsburg Landing.

Was Jenny’s trip to Washington worthwhile?

I believe Jenny’s trip to Washington was worthwhile because not only is she able to help Shad regain strength to live but she cooks for the wounded and helps at the hospital daily.

Who dies in Across Five Aprils?

Death/War 11: Dan Lawrence comes to tell the Creightons that Tom has died in battle. Dan was there when Tom died, and he relates the story of how Tom died. Death/War 12: The men tell Jethro that he is lucky to be so young that he does not have to worry about the war, but Jethro is irritated to hear them say that.

Who is John in Across Five Aprils?

David Cloud

What is the setting in Across Five Aprils?

Jasper County, Illinois

Who is Jenny in Across Five Aprils?

Jenny Creighton. Jenny is Jethro’s only constant companion during the war. She helps Jethro in the fields, and they talk about the war. They both understand each other’s thoughts and feelings, since they are very similar.

What happens at the end of Across Five Aprils?

The book ends with Jethro running back to the house to Jenny, and ‘that moment when he ran toward her, all the shadows were lifted from the April morning. ‘

Why does Jenny go to Washington DC?

Matt Creighton first grants his daughter Jenny permission to travel to Washington to be by the side of her beau, Shadrach Yale, who has been critically wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg. He later gives her permission to be married to Shadrach.

How did Mary die in Across Five Aprils?

Mary: Mary dies during the winter of 1859 in an accident, coming home with her date Rob Nelson from a dance at Hidalgo. On their way home, Mary and Rob meet drunk Travis Burdow who frightens the animals. The wagon is overturned, and Mary is killed.

What will Jethro do now that the war has ended How does his decision reflect the creightons values?

With that reassurance, Jethro makes the decision to take Shad and Jenny up on their offer. Accepting the responsibilities that go with it, he will go to the city with them to “get an education,” which for him, is the fulfillment of a dream (Chapter 12).