How can I prepare for Oracle DBA Interview?

What you’ll learn

How can I prepare for Oracle DBA Interview?

What you’ll learn

  1. Understand about Oracle DBA Expectations.
  2. Create a excellent Oracle DBA Resume.
  3. Understand what is expected out of Fresher DBA.
  4. Identify new areas to excel in Oracle DBA career.
  5. Mock interview preparation material.
  6. Real time Oracle DBA + RAC interview Questions for Practice.

What is Oracle Database architecture?

An Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database architecture consists of multiple instances that run on separate server machines. All of them share the same database. The cluster of server machines appear as a single server on one end, and end users and applications on the other end.

What are the interview questions for Oracle?

Oracle Technical Interview Questions

  • List the various components of the physical database structure of an Oracle database.
  • The Oracle database has been developed using which language?
  • What do you understand about the logical storage structure of Oracle?
  • Define a tablespace in context with the Oracle database.

What are the architectural components of Oracle Database?

There are three major structures in Oracle Database server architecture: memory structures, process structures, and storage structures. A basic Oracle database system consists of an Oracle database and a database instance.

What is the three level architecture of a database?

The ANSI-SPARC database architecture is the basis of most of the modern databases. The three levels present in this architecture are Physical level, Conceptual level and External level.

Are Oracle interviews hard?

You can expect 1-2 coding problems of moderate difficulty. Your ability to brute-force the solution and write bug-free code to solve the problem is tested. You can also expect a few questions around your core technical skills and past employment experience.

How does database architecture work?

A Database Architecture is a representation of DBMS design. It helps to design, develop, implement, and maintain the database management system. A DBMS architecture allows dividing the database system into individual components that can be independently modified, changed, replaced, and altered.

Is 3 schema and 3-tier architecture same?

The three schema architecture is also called ANSI/SPARC architecture or three-level architecture. This framework is used to describe the structure of a specific database system.

What is buffer cache in Oracle?

The buffer cache is the in-memory area of the SGA where incoming Oracle data blocks are kept. On standard Unix databases, the data is read from disk into the Unix buffer where it is then transferred into the Oracle buffer. The size of the buffer cache can have a huge impact on Oracle system performance.

Why do u want to work at Oracle?

Working with Oracle means you enjoy collaborating with people of different cultures and value the importance of an inclusive workforce. In your day-to-day role, you’ll find yourself standing on the frontline of a massive digital transformation, showing you have a truly inquisitive mind.

What is Oracle’s mission statement?

Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.